Monday, January 13, 2020

We are now into our second week of Jazz at Hedsor in 2020. More 2020 vision for our decade of the “new” 20’s.

Well, our vision is certainly to carry on at The Hedsor Social Club, and we have another year signed and paid for in “The Big Room” at Hedsor. 

We also have some exciting things already planned for our use of it, and with more suggestions and donations in the form of sponsorship, we will ensure even more excitement throughout the year.

For two blogs running I have stressed slightly the sponsorship idea. Like most rents, ours for the use of the hall has gone up this year. I hasten to say that what we get for what we pay is a good deal, and we have a very good and friendly relationship with The Hedsor Social Club, but we don't want to increase the entry price unless forced to, so your voluntary sponsorships would be most welcome, both financially and for ideas on the jazz musicians YOU would like to hear at Hedsor.

Last week musically was a great start to 2020. A good audience turnout and we heard had some of the new arrangements from “The Clive Burton Celebration Quintet”. It was so good in fact that at the end of the evening two long distance travellers who are  regulars at Hedsor Jazz said it was always well worth the journey.
My photos from the evening are below.

I don’t think we've had had the combination of Ken McCarthy on keyboard and Roger Davis on bass before, and they worked very well together, some great harmonics were being played  behind the front players and there was some good riding bass to keep everyone moving too!

This coming Thursday (Jan 16th) we have a return of both  Kelvin Christiane on multiple reeds (perhaps even two at once!) and trumpet player Andy Gibson. Nigel Fox will be back from Suffolk, and we will have Peter Hughes on bass and braces with us again too. 

I did put out some flyers at Hedsor Last week about a Big Band event at Cookham Rise Methodist Church (see also below), and Peter will be the bass player with that Big Band as well!

If you look back at my first blog for 2020 you will see that in March (March  5th ) we have a return of   IAN SMITH on trumpet  with  OLLIE WILBY on reeds. You may be interested to know that on BBC Sounds, you can still hear Ian talking with Ken Clark about trumpet player Lee Morgan. It is well worth half an hour of your time to have a listen.

Some of you have been very kind as to enquire about our Porch Extension at Cronin Towers. It was built by an occasional attendee to Hedsor Jazz (he will be with us at the end of the month). It was finish just at the start of 2020 and is a very usable facility, and starting on Tuesday it will get decorated.
There is a link to jazz in the person who will decorate  it. He is the son of Paddy Cunnigham, the one time bass player with Denise Laurence’s “Storyville Tickle” Band. When Paddy retired from the music business, the late Ken Rankine took over that roll with Denise right up until the time the band itself retired in 2009. What a small world we live in!

Friday, January 10, 2020


The last issue of the blog listed next weeks (Jan 16th) guests as Kelvin Christian on reeds and Andy Gibson on trombone. Kelvin will still be with us, but the listing is incorrect. Andy Gibson plays trumpet! 

We were hoping to get trombonist Nick Mills for this gig, but unfortunately he isn't able to be with us on the 16th. 

Geoff C

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

The First Blog of 2020

So welcome to 2020. We have started a new decade, but I wonder with what clarity we will see it? 

When I was a bit younger than today (Beatles tune?) 2020 vision was used as a judge of ones ability to see things clearly. One definition of 2020 vision reads like this:-

“20/20 vision is a term used to express normal visual acuity (the clarity or sharpness of vision) measured at a distance of 20 feet.”

Now I think that to truly appreciate all that we have to offer at Hedsor Jazz in 2020, you have to be within 20 feet of the action! Hedsor Jazz is planning a full weekly program right through this coming year, we already have a lot lined up for you (see below), but we need you to be there, alive, listening and paying at the door. Hedsor Jazz books the Hedsor Social Club year on year, and we pay in advance, so we need your paying live attendance to enable us to continue. John Dutton I’m sure will give you more detail of the finances needed, and your ways of giving financial support.

Looking back on our Christmas party, what a wonderful evening it was. Great music, great company, great fun and great food. Stay around and we will do it all again at some point or points in 2020! My photos of it are below.

You may have noticed that in recent 2019 blogs I have featured pictures of shoes or feet. Those shown below are definitely Tina Mays!

Tina is appearing at Norden Farm on February 28th, where you will be able to check the feet live against my photos!

Hedsor Jazz’s Gig List for the Next 3 Months:-

Listed here are the gigs lined up for the first 3 months of 2020. If YOU would like to see someone at Hedsor who isn’t listed below, talk to our drummer Martin Hart. If you then feel that you could also help defray the expenses of hiring in that special musician, then you could help by sponsoring the evening. But do talk to Martin about the possibilities of having that musician at Hedsor Jazz anyway. He would also be pleased to know who you would like to see again.

   Jan  9th   Lester  Brown trumpet + Mike Wills reeds + Roger Davis bass
        16th    Kelvin Christiane reeds + Andy Gibson trombone + Peter Hughes bass
        23rd    Stuart Henderson trumpet +Tolly  Vyacheslavov tenor sax+ Terry Davis bass
        30th    Sue Greenway reeds+  Mike Wills reeds  + Terry Davis bass
Feb  6th     Lester Brown +  Robert Goodhew tenor sax + Roger Davis bass
       13th    Duncan Lamont jr reeds +  Nick Mills trombone) +  Peter Hughes bass
       20th    Kelvin Christiane reeds +  Stuart Henderson trumpet
       27th    Lester Brown trumpet +  Mike Wills  reeds
March  5th    IAN SMITH trumpet + OLLIE WILBY reeds
            12th   Alan Graham vibes + Terry Hutchins guitar
           19th   Robert Goodhew  tenor sax + Mike Wills reeds

Martin also runs an evening of jazz at Woodley every 3 or 4 months. On January 25th his guest there will be Vasilis Zenopoulos. See below for box office details.

So, here ends the first of 2020 's blogs!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Election over and with no other preoccupations 
we are now rushing towards Christmas.

As this will (probably) be my last blog before January may I wish all of you a Very Happy Christmas time, and a New Year full of all the things you like best.

In that I also hope that at least some of what you like best is Jazz at Hedsor, because we have agreed to be at The Hedsor Club for 2020! We have a program for January and look forward to not only seeing YOU all there again in January, but maybe some new faces too. Even some not so new faces would also be most welcome!

January 2020

  9 th    Lester Brown + Mike Wills
16 th    Kelvin Christiane +   Nick Mills (tmb)
23 rd    Stuart Henderson + Tolly
30 th    Sue Greenway +   Mike Wills

One last plug. Thursday is our very special Christmas Party, with Tina May and Duncan Lamont Jr heading the guest list. Poster below, some tickets are still available.

I want to thank all of you who come so regularly to support our Live Jazz. Thank you to all the many who not only come and pay to listen but who come and help both before, during and after every Thursday event. I am not going to pick out names for special mention, except one.


Not only is he our regular drummer, but he looks after the programming. He also does the bulk of the announcing in his own unique style too. In all he ensures that what you get for your entry fee is a quality product. 

Thank you Martin for all your hard work.

Many of you know that our entry fee doesn’t always cover our weekly costs. Hedsor Jazz has been supported for over 15 years by an organisation called Jazz Angels. These angelic people regularly directly debit money into an account that makes good any income shortfall and ensures our ability to book ahead. If you would like to be part of that angelic assembly please contact Jazz Angels treasurer John Dutton, and he will tell you more and get you to sign a Direct Debit mandate.

A brief recap on last Thursdays session. OK It was election night and our audience was slightly thinner on the ground. BUT the music was very good indeed. Jezz Cook and Mike Wills gave us a fresh look at tunes all written by guitarists. I congratulated Jezz at the end of a very entertaining  evening and he said it had been a great rehearsal!! 

My photos of it are below

Don’t forget that a performance is made up of two halves, the performers AND THE AUDIENCE. Without both, you cannot have Live Jazz!

Well there you have my end of year blog. 

Festive Greetings to all you jazz fans.

Monday, December 09, 2019

This issue of my blog will be pretty boring! 

Most of it I have said before, so it will be repetitive. Repetitive reminders are called nags. My reminder lists are called Nag Lists, JAZZ nag lists!

Thursday 12th YOU MUST GO OUT AND VOTE. In my view it is a democratic right that should not be forgone.

NAG NUMBER 2. Second thing to do on December 12th is to come out and support live jazz at HEDSOR JAZZ. Jezz Cook and Mike Wills (guitar and reeds) will try and enlarge our knowledge of the tunes written and played by jazz guitarists over the years.

NAG NUMBER 3. THE THIRD thing to do on Thursday is to ensure you have a ticket for our Christmas Party.

This year the entry price of £10 will get you in to the music and it will get you a plate of buffet food, but this year IT WONT GET YOU A RAFFLE TICKET. This Christmas we are going to sell you raffle tickets for a quality draw (Did I hear strains of Rolls Royce Corniche?) and ALL the money raised will be going to charity which will include Cancer Research UK.

Our star guests are on the poster above, others I’m sure will appear just to be part of our happy throng. It will be a wonderful night of live jazz as we celebrate Christmas at The Hedsor Club, a place we have been enjoying live jazz every week in since 2002. We will be there again in 2020, and our fist gig is on January 9th with Lester Brown + Mike Wills…The Clive Burton Celebration Quintet, a fitting start to a new year of live jazz music.

Whats left to say? Well it would be very wrong of me NOT to say what an absolutely wonderful session we had with Ian Smith and Ollie Wilby last Thursday. You could go miles, travel to many jazz festivals and not hear music of such quality. 

In fact Ollie Wilby did travel miles to play next day in Italy, leaving the UK at 5.30am! The quintet blended very well, especially as Ian had the habit of only calling the tune! Key and tempo were left a bit in the air, and there was at least one false start. But I would bear that for the kind of music, information and fun that it all gave us last Thursday.  It was improvised jazz at it’s very best, I just hope that you didn’t miss it! My photos of the evening are below.

Well there it is, a boring nagging Jazz from Geoff.

There May be one more in the pipeline for next week, but I may (!) just have to succumb to CHRISTMAS. I could even have succumbed to Tina May by December 25th!

One final thought. IF you would like to put fingers to keyboard and tell me the gigs you have enjoyed most at Hedsor Jazz during 2019, I will enter your prose into the blog, so get keying in! If you need any reminding on who played when you can always look back at previous blog issues, all of its pages are still available to view right from its inceptions in its current form in 2005!

Please email me your prose to

Wednesday, December 04, 2019



Just when we all thought we had learnt what manouche meant, and were looking forward to an election night of "IT", I have had an email from one of the vital performers, and I reproduce it below:-

Thanks very much for this – but I’m afraid a bit of correction is needed to the blurb about next week!  We won’t be doing an evening of gypsy jazz (well, one or two Django tunes) but we’re doing a special guitar night devoted to tunes written and made famous by guitar players – so it’ll be almost a history of jazz guitar i.e. featuring tunes by Charlie Christian, Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Wes Montgomery and more!  A real treat for guitar fans (hopefully the Django fans won’t be too disappointed!)



So, even MORE reason to vote early (for Christmas?) and to come out to Hedsor Jazz.

If you want to start filling in your diary for January 2020, below are the first Thursday gigs of the New Year

January 2020

  9 th    Lester Brown + Mike Wills
16 th    Kelvin Christiane +   Nick Mills (tmb)
23 rd    Stuart Henderson + Tolly
30 th    Sue Greenway +   Mike Wills

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

The excitement is building! We have navigated our way passed Black Friday and Cyber Monday but we still have a few things to anticipate. The quickening of the pulse CAN carry on, the slowly rising thrill of coming events is ever growing.
Do I mean the Election….NO.
But I do mean the last 3 weeks of Hedsor Jazz 2019.

And the first of the those 3?
This week on Thursday December 5th we have back with us at Hedsor Jazz trumpet player and raconteur Ian Smith together with saxophonist Ollie Wilby.

Last time at Hedsor they played some truly wonderful jazz for us. Those of you who saw Ian again with Martin Hart at Woodley will have also enjoyed the rapport Ian had with pianist Ken McCarthy, and I can reassure you that that will again be possible this Thursday at Hedsor, BECAUSE Ken is our pianist again for this week.

For the Thursday of 2019’s election night (December 12th)we have organised a suitable diversion. Yes, go and vote by all means, but DO come out to Hedsor Jazz whilst we all wait with eager……(now what is the word I’m looking for, I am tempted to say “dread”!!) for the result. December 10th could well be remembered for an amazing night of manouche!  Gypsy Jazz but played without a gypsy in sight! Guitarist Jezz Cook and our long established reed section Mike Wills will be entertaining us alongside our regular Hedsor Jazz Rhythm section.

And finally our last session before 2020 will be our Christmas Party. All you need to do is buy a ticket and all the info is on the poster! Tina May with Duncan Lamont Jnr plus our rhythm and possibly some other sitters in, so do join us for a fun night of jazz to prep the way to Christmas. One special addition to our party this year, a special paid for raffle has been arranged, and all takings from that will be going to Cancer Research UK.

Last week we were entertained by saxophonist Frank Griffith accompanied by Lester Brown. A solid session of modern jazz with a few, perhaps less than modern, jokes throw in. Also “thrown in” were quite a number of Christmas quotes (but we wont tell the copyright companies if you don’t! Otherwise 4 people may be in for a spot of bother!). I think everyone left with a smile on their face, it was great fun, and I think Frank had the longest commute for this gig ever, he came down from Liverpool especially for it!
My photos of the evening are below.