Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If you read this from the email nag, you will see that I have attached the program for December. If you can print it out (best from the PDF file) and give it to someone not on our email list whom you think would be interested it would help us "spread the word" about our local jazz events. Please read it yourself, put the dates in your diary, and do everyone a favour, and come out to some of the best live music in the Bucks and Berks area. I wont waste the space by repeating what's on this week, you can read it from the attachments

I have done some CD listening this week too.

The first is a knockout CD, in more than one sense. Many of you know that I get CD's in to recycle, and sometimes, they don't get new owners. From time to time, I go through the boxes of orphaned CD's and have a listen to those that are left behind ( I can hear your tears already)! Harry Connick jr isn't everyone's idea of a great jazz singer, and some of you can only remember him as a member of the crew of Memphis Belle (in the film!). He does originate from New Orleans and when you see an album titled "Chanson du Vieux Carre" with a lot of trad tunes on it like Panama, Petite Fleur and That's a Plenty, you think it will be, perhaps, not to your task. YOU WOULD BE WRONG. Its a terrific big band album that sounds like Stan Kenton meets Dr John. The musicianship is breathtaking, and the recording will definitely try (out) your Hi Fi. Go and buy it and make yourself happy Marsalis Music 0874946000628. I'm sure they make those CD Numbers that long as a punishment and as an excuse for getting you in the latest Mrs Mills album by mistake!

Another new release (Yes, the Connick album was released this year), is much closer to home. We have probably all seen Alan Barnes at some time or another (especially those who go to the annual Swanage Jazz Festival), and many of you will have seen trumpet virtuoso Bruce Adams. A few will even have seen them both on the same stage. So for those who have happy memories of that last on that list, and for those of you who have missed them altogether (where have you been?), "Spontaneous Combustion" is especially for you. Not just high notes, not just lots of notes, but wonderfully controlled playing that will leave you with a silly grin on your face when you've played it. S C is a tune by Cannonball Adderly, as is the closing track"Cannonball". In between are 8 other tracks that show just how well British musicians can play. Oh there is also one of those Hercule Poirot Frenchmen (A Belgian!), playing piano as well. Very well in fact! His name is Pascal Michaux. Go out and order it, its on Alan's own Woodville label, so you can be assured that you will be feeding his children with its purchase. It came to me without a cover, so I don't have a (telephone) number for it at all!!

Cover art on the blog (is anyone still on dial up?). I'll write again after my trip to Kings Lynn to see The Humph Band!!


Geoff C

PS if you would like to see one of the images shown above in a larger format, right mouse click on the image and open it in a new window.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hi Folks,

Don't forget we have a special Monday presentation for you tonight at The Hedsor Social Club. None other than Dave O'Higgins (saxophone) is coming and joining up with some of his old friends, James Fenn on guitar, and Lisa Amato on bass, together with Nick Marangoni on drums.Entry £5, NO RAFFLE! Start time around 8.30 pm

Come and support, not local jazz, but Jazz locally!!

Geoff C

Monday, November 12, 2007

Just a short reminder that we have guitarist Max Brittain with us at Hedsor on Thursday (15th November).
For those who don't know anything about Max, he studied guitar at Leeds College of Music and has appeared at all the worlds major concert venues. He has played with such divers people as Georgie Fame, Terry Lightfoot and Charlie Byrd.

We also have a special rhythm section for the event. All our regular band, together with Clive, are playing at a better paid gig this week, but we have put together something rather special:-

On Keyboard will be Jeff Clark
On Drums will be Malcome Potter,
and on bass "hop along" Ken Rankine! Yes, Ken will be doing a full stint for us, complete with Zimmer frame.

Something else rather special is happening at Hedsor next MONDAY (19th November).

We have Dave O'Higgins coming to play his tenor sax for us with James Fenn, Lisa Amato, with another guest drummer (who will it be I wonder?).

All in all an amazing night in prospect, whether its the Thursday or the Monday, at Hedsor, the social club next to the Garden Centre! Both gigs start at 8.30 pm. Thursday will cost you a minimum of £3, Monday £5.

You can find out a lot more about Dave O'Higgins by looking at his website:-


Sandwiched between the two gigs above, is another chance to see our very own, and now in good repair, multi instrumentalist, Mike Wills, with Century Jazz at The Fifield Inn on Sunday night 25th November.

So, there is no reason to stay home!!

A copy of the poster for the O'Higgins event is included above, if you have access to a place to display it, perhaps you would print it off, put it up and encourage others to come, many thanks.( if you double click on the image, it will be shown larger than in the blog, wherupon, you can copy and print!!).


Geoff C

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Some of you have pointed out that the link for the warren vache performance on You Tube doesn't work.

If you go to http://www.youtube.com/

and search for warren vache, Limehouse Blues, the track in question, is the first on the list.

It's well worth the effort, do take a look. Then spend some time looking at some of the other great clips listed nearby.

And "thank you" Al.

Geoff C

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Last night the Bourne End Community Centre Jazz evening put on a magnificent evening of jazz led by saxophonist Al Nicholls.

We have all experienced the format before, one soloist before an 3 part rhythm section. Last night however we had one of those magical experiences that only happen in live jazz. An amalgam of rich chords, swinging rhythm and great tunes. The whole lot made great by the catalyst of a large appreciative and friendly audience.
Well done to all. And all were amazed by the drummer Rex Bennett. At an unbelievable 83 years he really did swing the clappers!

Al mention as his introduction to Limehouse Blues that there was a great video to be had on You Tube of this tune played by Warren Vache. I've just watched it, and it is well worth a look and listen. The link below should get you there.

Its over 7 minutes long, so settle down to appreciate it properly.

Also worth mentioning are 2 CD's recently re issued by Verve of the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival.

The first is from the Friday evening with Coleman Hawkins, Roy Eldridge, Pete Brown (wonderful!), Ray Bryant on piano, Al McKibbon bass and Jo Jones Drums. Its all atmospheric stuff, reasonably well recorded, and contains a 13 minute version of Sweet Georgia Brown. The CD Number is 0602517416086. Yes, its a bit like a Microsoft key number isn't it. However, once purchased, the CD will play on ordinary CD players!

The Second Disk is from the Sunday evening session, with the Oscar Peterson Trio on there own for 4 titles, and then joined by Sony Stitt, Roy Eldridge and Jo Jones for another 4!! The sleeve note uses the word "breathtaking" and I can only agree. CD Number 0602517416093

These albums have been issued to celebrate 50 years of the Newport Jazz Festival, and I hope more material is on the way.

that's it for now folk, don't forget to continue to turn out to support the live jazz near you.

Geoff C

Sunday, November 04, 2007

A couple of Corrections!!

I think Max Britain will be with us at Hedsor on Nov 15th, not 8th as indicated. My diary says that this Thursday is "TBA", but it might be John Coverdale.

Geoff Hiscott has also emailed me to say that the Farnham Maltings Otis B Driftwood event starts at 7.30pm, not 8.30 pm as mentioned. You must either get more music for your money, or they go to bed earlier in Farnham!


Geoff C
Time seems to have been flying by recently, and so far I haven't found enough of it to remind you of forthcoming jazz events. So a very brief reminder:-

Tonight, Saxophonist Simon Spillett is at The Fifield Inn with Clive Burton and Century Jazz. 8pm start. I'm sure there will be some fireworks!

Tuesday at The Bourne End Community Centre, Its the turn of another saxophonist, Al Nichols wrote:-
"The line up finally confirmed as Rex Bennett - drums, Bob Haddrell - keyboard (horrible term!), George Oag - guitar + myself."

On the Wednesday 7th November, at the King & Castle, Windsor (6.30 - 9.30pm): Al Nicholls trio, with Neil Casey - piano & Rob Rickenberg - double bass.

ALSO on Wednesday the Otis B Driftwood band play the Farnham Maltings from 8.30pm. Fun, frolics AND music!! (OK, music is also fun without the frolics, but you know what I mean!).

Thursday at Hedsor, guitarist Max Britain is on my list as the guest. 8.30 pm start. It WAS nice to see a number of you there last week, it helps us keep solvent (or is that solvent abuse?).

That's it for now folks, more later, some decent CD's to talk about, but not right now.


Geoff C