Friday, December 24, 2010

The Hedsor Jazz Christmas Party 2010


First of all, thank you audience for turning out. It was great to see so many of you there, and I hope we see many more of you again. Thanks to all who got the hall ready beforehand, and thanks to all of you who provided food on the night. And you were a great audience, which allowed us to pay our way and provide an evening of great jazz entertainment.

One of our regular attenders asked me “How are you going to write that up in your blog?” And I think “Wow” is how. “Entertainment” is another good word to describe the evening.

Tracey Mendham can hardly go without a mention. A BIG PERSONALTY lady, who played with a wonderful deep rich tone to her tenor saxophone. She also sang (Let it Snow?After the last week?), and danced, out staged Clive (which takes a lot of doing!), and altogether acted like a female Father Christmas personality in the Ho Ho Ho role!! I know that after the Marlow Jazz Festival, where she first met Clive, she really wanted to come and play our party, and we are indebted to her for her 140 mile round trip to do so.

Max Brittain was another of our star guests. He really is a lovely guitarist, who can swing and excite, and play the musical humorist as well. He lives a lot nearer to us than Tracey, but thanks again Max for supporting our Hedsor Jazz venture.

A special mention for a dep rather than a guest. Malcolm Cliff on keyboards was replacing a very unwell Zane, who was there in the audience but who is clearly unwell. We all wish Zane a speedy recovery. It has already taken too long. Malcolm managed to string so many musical “quotes” together I was asked at the end how we could possibly provide a list of the tunes played for the Performing Rights Society! He added to the attack of the ensemble with true jazz panache.

The regular lads in the band, well, we know they are good. They just proved it again!

We were fortunate that, possibly due to the article in the Maidenhead Advertiser, we had a number of new faces at Hedsor last night. The ones I spoke to were amazed at the level of professionalism and class that we have in our regular band. We have know how good they were for years, I am so glad that others are beginning to find out too.

I’ll just leave you with a few of the photos and say thank you, one and all, performers and fans alike, for your company during the last year, and look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year, with our Hedsor Jazz starting on January 6th.

Happy Christmas to you all.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Winters Blog

A few brief words of blog, something to keep you amused during the snowbound weekend!!

If you can still get out, TONIGHT, we have at The Hedsor Social Club that terrific trumpet man Stuart Henderson coming to play alongside Clive. I am assured that our usual rhythm section will be in attendance, so it should be a great night. All for our usual £5 admittance charge.

Next week, our bumper Christmas Party, all for £10 a ticket, kicks off at 8PM on Thursday 23rd December and will have as special guests lady saxophonist Tracey Mendham. With her and equally special (but distinctly no lady!) guitarist Max Brittain, and on trumpet an humour (ditto remarks) John Slater. A light buffet will be provided, and there will be raffle prizes to be won as well. Come and celebrate the approach of Christmas with us and with Hedsor Jazz.

Now for a couple of CD reviews for you late shoppers.

First, recently celebrated by the BBC was Dave Brubeck. His 90th birthday prompted not only a TV program, but a request on a recent Saturdays Jazz Record Requests. The track “The Way You Look Tonight” prompted me to pull out my copy of the “Jazz at Oberlan” CD and play it all the way through. Recorded in 1953 it certainly isn’t a new recording, but if you don’t have it already, and think that his Quartet started with “Take Five” and Jo Morrello go and buy it now! On this early recording you can hear his multi rhythmic approach, and his “modern” orchestral influence to jazz (he was a student and good friend of French composer Darius Milhaud). It’s exciting and absorbing. The fact that he went on to become world famous would not have influenced all who bought the LP in 1953, and it should encourage you to get it into your collection soon. Concord Record Company “Original Jazz Classic” 0888072319912. Which isn’t a pin code!

The second more recent album which excited me this week was possibly the last one by John Bunch. John died in March 2010 but recorded “Do Not Disturb” in December 2009. It’s in trio form, with excellent guitar from Frank Vignola, and with John Webber on bass. It’s superbly recorded on the Arbors Jazz label (all good stuff on that label!), and has some terrific tracks on it. “Doxy”, “Anthropology”, “Come Sunday” to name but 3. John doesn’t hog the limelight, and the solos from both the other players are first class. One could almost think it was a CD under the name of Frank Vignola or John Webber! Its CD number is ARCD 19403.

One final plea, both “commercials”! At the Marlow Jazz Festival we had a display by Westmount Music. They had been in business for just 4 weeks at the time of the festival. I now have a new flyer from them, and it is attached.

Also, on of my “children” has a close friend who for a fee would like to offer guitar tuition. His details are attached as well.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I hadn't realized how long it had been since my last blog entry, but life has been a bit busy. First off was "The Interview" with the Maidenhead Advertiser, which was written up very well by John Balson and gives Hedsor Jazz a little more "exposure". Mind you, maybe with the current cold weather, we don't really need too much overexposure!

I hope you can read the above extract from The Maid Ad. Try saving and pasting into Word, then double click on it and it will enlarge via Internet Explorer.

The next thing to suggest is that you come to our Christmas Party. £10 entrance for a wonderful array of musicians. I'm sure it will be a great deal of fun. But it will be more fun with you there too!

Just to drive the point home, I'm reproducing below the text of my nag this week:-

Our last three gigs of the year are coming up at Hedsor, and each of them has a “special guest” feel to it. SO do come along and join in our festive triple whammy!!

This Thursday December 9th the special guests will be John Coverdale on guitar, and Alan Berry on keyboard. Mike Wills is not with us, and Zane is still in recovery mode, although much better than he was.

The following Thursday, December 16th the guest will be trumpeter Stuart Henderson. Mike Will will still not be with us, hopefully Zane will be.

The following week is our Christmas Party. PLEASE buy a ticket for this event. Your £10 will bring you a small buffet and a great party. So far coming to join the full Clive Burton Quintet are Trumpet man and comedian John Slater, Essex Girl and wonderful saxophonist Tracey Mendham, and that wonderful star guitarist Max Brittain. All that talent for just £10, we must be mad!

So, with 3 weeks of excellent music waiting for you at The Hedsor Social Club, why are you waiting? Come on out, and help to keep live jazz ALIVE.

You might like to see the poster for the party, so here it is:-

Same graphical rules apply as for the poster!!

So, almost another year in Jazz Land has past bye. I hope to add a few suggestions to your Christmas Jazz CD list in the next day or so, but for now.......

Geoff C