Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lynn Garner's new CD

Hi People,

Still some heat in the sun it seems, and hopefully in the jazz week ahead as well!!

Tuesday, an unusual event in August, which caused me an advertising problem last week!! (I got the day wrong!) Century Jazz are playing at The Old Bell, Wooburn for Dinner Jazz, 8.30 pm onwards, ring Peter (01628 520406) to reserve your table for that excellent oriental cuisine. Its unusual, because we don't usually get jazz at The Old Bell in August, but this year we have!

Wednesday, at The Harrow in the Hughenden Valley, Lynn Garner and Ken McCarthy sing and play (well, Ken may not actually sing!) for your enjoyment. Don't forget to pick up a copy of Lynn's new CD whilst you are there.

Both of the above gigs are FREE.

Thursday at The Hedsor Social Club, we are adding to the heat of the day. Clive Burtons Quartet will be without Clive, BUT with Simon Spillet AND Peter O'Brian. Last time they both played Hedsor was the first time they had met, and it was absolutely outstanding. Do come and see what the second edition brings out in both of them!! 8.30 pm start, entry by raffle ticket.

Sunday see's Century Jazz at Fifield, which will be an incredibly special event, as they will be celebrating 10 years there. There will be a special guest (I was told Duncan Lamont, but I am not sure). Do come along, it is a landmark night.

It's especially significant when we consider the governments plans on licensing and music. You will find that even venues that previously were allowed 2 in a bar will now require a licence to do so, and the minimum cost is around £300, plus more if an authority (any one of at least 3) want some kind of building alteration!! So I think we will find less jazz in the future. Enjoy it whilst you can, and those of us that try and organise it are not in prison!

We may be reduced to listening to things on disc (or even MP3 players)!! And this week I have spun a new box set by those wonderful people at Proper Records. A Proper Box 4 cd set of Artie Shaw and his orchestra with recordings from 1934 to 1954, all beautifully remastered and with a 52 page booklet detailing his life story and all the personnel. It is a real must for any big band enthusiast. Mind you, it does also include some of his Gramercy Five Recordings from all 3 periods of there existence. Proper Box 85

Just to balance the books so to speak, I have also listened to an old cd I have had for over 15 years! The Benny Goodman Quartet re recorded there original material in Hi Fi sound in 1963 under the title "Together Again". For me it is a "must have" recording, ( I originally had it on LP) loosing nothing in the reunion of their original vigour and precision. Just take a listen to Seven Come Eleven, or Runnin' Wild and you will get some idea of how good they still were. And in good quality recorded stereo, you can appreciate the exciting sound they made even more than with the original 78's.

2 last things!! Did anyone else catch "Razzaamajazz" at Yesterdays Littlewick Green Show?? A truly bizarre event. Excellent music (Clive Burton, Mike Wills, Denny Islet, Peter O'Brian, Martin Hart and the leader Derek Mills) all played really well, but just next door, in the arena, were a bagpipe marching band!! AND at about half way through Razz's allotted time slot, the generator ran out of petrol, whereupon the audience, thinking it was the end, left!! After a short intermission, the band played on, but were almost taken away by the lorry that had come to pick up the travelling stage they were playing on!!

The last last thing this week. Has anyone out there got any use for a mint collection of classical 78's? Do let me know if your interested, they will be free to the interested party.


Geoff C
Jazz from Geoff

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