Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lake LACD83

Columbia Legacy 512920 2

CD's I have enjoyed this week include yet another from those lovely Lake people.

Al Fairweather didn't stop playing trumpet when his long time collaborator Sandy Brown died. One of the bands he played with was the Bristol based "Groove Juice Special" who were playing the sort of swing music associate with Louis Jordan long before it became a West End Show. In 1987, sponsored by "Southern Comfort" (a real hot lick!), they recorded an LP (big black round thing with a 2 grooves and a hole in the middle) called "Groove Juice Coming To Town", which sold an amazing 30,000 copies. Most of it is now on the Lake CD "Groove Juice Special & Sweet Substitute". plus other swing and fun harmony vocals by the Sweet Subs. Tunes like Fat and Greasy, 5 Guys Named Moe, Rockabye Basie, together with a couple of originals by Al himself. Its a great listen, swings like mad, is pretty well recorded, and you should order it as LACD83. The band are really wonderful, and it just goes to show that not all good jazz is confined to London.

The Second CD worth a mention was triggered by Martin Harts excellent concert and life story of Duke Ellington at last weeks Speen Festival.

Duke rarely featured himself playing, but in 1961 an album was issued that had Duke with his "Piano in the Foreground". This has now been reissued with additional tracks (including that lovely "Lotus Blossom" recording that he made, almost by mistake, at the conclusion of the recording of "And His Mother Called Him Bill" tribute to Billy Strayhorn). Its on Columbia Legacy 512920 2 "Piano in the Foreground". With him on the 61 recordings , are Aaron Bell or Jimmy Woode bass and Sam Woodyard drums. Well worth adding to your Ellington Collection.

Dont forget folks , that even though there is a great legacy of music on CD, you still need to go out and support the live music just to keep it alive!!

Geoff C


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