Friday, January 26, 2007

First, what a wonderful evening last night turned out to be. I suppose those of us who go regularly to the Hedsor Social Club on Thursdays have rather got used to having Simon Spillett playing his, and everyone else's socks of for us. And we are used to the intimate and friendly atmosphere, but we are going to have to get used to the idea, that other quality musicians want to come along and sample the very special atmosphere that we have all created at Hedsor. Last night Simon was joined by another quality tenor player in the very large shape of American Frank Griffith. It was a real knockout!! AND he wants to come back and play for us again!! It was a truly memorable night, not just for Hedsor, but for jazz!! (Frank can also be found teaching clarinet at Brunel University, and he has an excellent CD out called "The Coventry Suite", try for more info).
The picture above was culled from the website!


Sunday at The Fifield Inn, as a replacement for Max Britain, Simon Spillett! Fifield on a Sunday could just become a habit!!

Last night Clive Burton couldn't remember who he had booked for Hedsor, but a couple of weeks ago he had told me it would be Pete Davis. Unfortunaly I wont be there, but you could go and see if I'm wrong!!

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