Monday, March 19, 2007

Good Morning Jazz Fans,

This bit is not quite a nag, more a bleat!

We are one week away from my first Guitar Jazz night at The Hedsor Social Club, and being of a nervous disposition, I thought I would remind you!!

I hate being amongst a load of great musicians all by myself. I would be delighted if some of you joined me, paying the entry fee of just £5 (just £5!). All of this entry fee will go towards paying the musicians, and keeping me out of the bankruptcy court!!

The 2 stringed guitar players present on Monday 26th March are James Fenn, currently touring the continent with Jonny Boston, and well know multi talented local (and very pretty) musician Lisa Amato on bass guitar.They have promised to bring other friends along to make it a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Some of you will have heard them when part of "The Usual Suspects", and will know the shear expertise they bring to amplified guitar music.

I'm really thrilled that they are coming to open what I hope will be a very enjoyable series of mini concerts at the Hedsor Social Club. In the next few months, the last Monday of the month will become guitar jazz night at The Hedsor Club, all starting at 8.30 pm.

I have included artwork for a poster which I hope you will be able to put on display this week somewhere people will see it.

Please make this new local jazz event know to as many as possible, and just go on proving to government that live music is a cultured activity, enjoyed by very nice people!!

Now a more Nagging bit!

The guest artist for this Thursday at The Hedsor Social Club will be alto player Peter Cook. Usual rules apply. £3 to get in, raffle tickets to get out!! 8.30 start. Come and enjoy the unique experience of Jazz at Hedsor. Like all good things, it wont always be there!!

Don't forget that this coming Sunday, Fifield has as its guest that wonderful British reed player John Barnes. Now following an independent path, he was with the legendary Alex Welsh band in the 1960's and 70's, and then with Humph's Band. Wonderful player and humorist, do ask him for a souvenir reed. He sells his old ones off in many different flavours...stale tobacco, cheese and onion, best bitter etc.

Al Nichols and Blue Harlem

Last Fridays concert at Maidenheads Norden Farm was a very enjoyable event. The singer did remarkably well considering she had been drafted in at very short notice. The band (a six piece manifestation) were very tight and swinging, and the arrangements wonderful. It really was only a six piece, but sounded much larger. The only criticism I would have is that more links to the audience, with more info on the music, would have made us all feel more of a part of the occasion. Al hadn't played Norden Farm since the Memorial Concert to Keith Vitty 4 years ago. That event (for Cancer Research UK) was recorded, and some Cd's of the complete concert are still available, do make contact if you want one.
It was lovely to have at Norden Farm for Al's concert, both Dave Vitty, Keith's brother, and Julie Evans, wife of Ernie, who had promoted both the concert and its recording, and who sadly passed away 2 years ago.

I did wondered in my mailing last week how Maidenhead would cope with a jump and jive band like Blue Harlem, and now we know. The 2 people brave enough to try and dance were asked to leave!! And "they" want to make us more fit!! I suppose it was on health and safety grounds that the dancing was stopped!!

Well, at least our souls were gladdened by the sounds, even if we weren't allowed to "Slap Norden Farm with The Souls of our Shoes" (with apologies to Duke Ellington).

See you at another secret meeting of us jazz fans, at a place near you!!

Geoff C

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