Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gigs this week

TONIGHT April 1st
You still have time to get to see Simon Spillett at The Fifield Inn with Century Jazz from 8 pm, raffle funded, hot food available.

The Al Nicholls Quartet, featuring Max Britain, Rex Bennett and Bob Haddrell are at The Bourne End Community Centre for Mo's Monthly Jazz event. £4 entry gets you in, but also gets you half time refreshments. Its should be a great evening, after all, look who's playing!

There is another spectacular at the Harrow (up the Hughenden Valley) 8.30 pm - courtesy of hosts Paul and Elaine.. i.e its totally free and a Sort of pre-Easter blow.This of course will feature the usual suspects of Lynn Garner, Brad Lang and Ken McCarthy - so anything can happen. (and Ken said that!).

Back to The Hedsor Social Club for a very pre Easter blow, from Clive Burton and the boys in the band, with a "very special guest", who may even have been booked by now!

The Cancer Research Jazz Concert Fundraiser
This year is on May 11th, is called "From Dixieland to Swing", and tickets are available at £10 each from me, Crocks and Crystals in Bourne End, or Delizioso in Cookham. The great news about this event is that Mike Wills will be part of the band. Yes, he is well enough now to start playing again. He cannot drive himself yet, but by careful use of energy, he is back playing).

Don't forget that all profit from this concert goes to Cancer Research UK.

CD Review
Those wonderful people at Lake Records have just released a double album that fills in the gaps in their previous releases of Humphrey Lyttelton recordings. It covers that great transitional period from Bechet style revivalist to mainstream. Here is the bit in the middle. From 1955 - 56, including all the tracks from 2 10" LP's and a number of EP's. Its that band that had Stan Greig on Drums (he couldn't get a job as a pianist!), but saw him replaced by Eddie Taylor. Its that band with Bruce Turner and Walley Fawlkes, Its the band with John Picard on trombone. Its that band that played "Bad Penny Blues", and its follow up "Echoing The Blues". This is a double album, and it ends with "Christopher Columbus" and "Swing Out" which he surely went on to do.

This album should be in every British jazz lovers collection, and although all of the previously issued vinyl tracks have been in my collection for decades, it surely going to be kept in my CD racks from now on. Go and buy it, or you will miss out, not swing out!
LACD238, 2 cd's for the price of one and yet its called "Bad Penny Blues"!

That's about it for now, but do go and see some of the live jazz that's near to you, after all, we try to keep it available!!

Have a great Easter, but don't eat too much chocolate!

Geoff C

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