Saturday, November 22, 2008



Last Thursday we had a super session from our regular band at Hedsor, which makes us all realize how good they all are, playing difficult arrangements off the top of their heads without prior rehearsal. Their harmonies in the ensemble were admirable, and the individual solos just showed what imaginative musicians we have playing for us on a regular basis. OK, so we had to show the odd yellow card, but what the ....anyway!

Next Thursday our advertised guest, Al Nicholls, will not be able to be with us, he is getting a proper fee elsewhere. This is disappointing as it has been some time since he last played a Hedsor Thursday for us.

In his place however we have veteran saxophonist John Rolls. His broad tone and ballad playing ability should recommend him to many of you, who I know, are his fans.

More News on The Christmas Concert front.

A number of our musician friends have now said they will try and put in an appearance on Thursday 11th December. Obviously, if properly paid jobs appear for them, they may not decide to come, but, BBC Jazz Rising Star saxophonist Simon Spillett has definitely agreed to be our guest, and the following have been invited, and will come if they can:-

Vasilis Zenopoulos a young saxophonist with a love for swing music, John Coverdale, a great guitarist, who we are fortunate to see at Hedsor quite often (but never too often), Peter O'Brian is another great guitarist, who hasn't been lately because other people have paid him more money than we have (not difficult!), Stuart Henderson, a trumpet legend, whom I have never yet seen (hence the legend status, everyone tells me how good he is!). I am sure more will drop in, as Hedsor is becoming know amongst a wider circle of musicians as a great place to play.

So, why don't YOU come to the party too. Tickets are still available from me, or from The Stationery Depot in Cookham Rise, 01628 531178 price £10 each. It really should be a night to remember.

One last mention, That Legend, Stuart Henderson, is playing The Fifield Inn this coming Sunday. Yes that's right, tomorrow night!

Geoff C

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