Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hi Folks.

I need to clarify who is playing at Bourne End on Tuesday 3rd February

The flyer handed to me says it is “Lea Lyle with The Clive Burton Quartet.”

This is a little “inaccurate”. Clive’s Quartet are well known, and play for us regularly at Hedsor.

Clive is indeed playing with Lea on Tuesday, but the band ISNT the regular quartet!!

With CLIVE on trombone
and LEA on voice and looks
will be:-

Saxophonist JOHN ROLLS



And on drums DAVE SIMMS

It is still only £5 to get in, with a half time snack and a raffle, so brighten up a dull winter with a bit of Bourne End SPARKLE!!

BUT leave space for the regular quartet (Mike Wills saxophone, Zane Cronje keyboard, Ken Rankine on bass and Martin Hart on drums) for Thursday February 5th at Hedsor.