Saturday, April 11, 2009

I can now divulge (not a word I use too often!), the exact lineup for the

Cookham Festival Jazz Gig.

Vasilis Xenopoulos Tenor Sax, Leader
Michael L Roberts Vocals
Nigel Price Guitar
Sam Gambarini Hammond Organ
Chris Nickolls Drums

This should encourage any knowledgeable jazz fan to turn out on April 26th, and go to Pinder Hall for 8pm.
He will, of course, need a ticket, price £8. He can get that from The Stationary Depot, Station Parade, Cookham, 01628 531178
If said fan wishes to remain friends with other fans NOT on my mailing list, he should drag them along. OK the screaming will be unpleasant Until they hear the music.
I was at the 2008 Ealing Jazz festival and heard all bar the singer. They only attracted a few thousand people to listen to them, but it was the best gig of the day.
How is it that one of my friends (coming all the way from Suffolk for the gig) can say "must have been a coup to pull him in to the festival", and I still have tickets to sell?
I can tell you how, he has heard Vasilis before!!

Check google and it will lead you to more information about some of the musicians. It is really exciting to have them coming to the Cookham Festival Jazz Event. Take a look at their CV's!!

Unfortunalty this blog software is playing up today and wont let me leave you the hyperlinks, but the guys are well represented on the web. Do have a look, and in some cases a listen too.

Geoff C

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