Friday, May 15, 2009

John Coverdale
Liz Cooper
Stuart Henderson
Simon Spillett

The Cancer Research Concert 2009

First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to all who helped make last night’s concert as enjoyable as it was. Those who performed are obviously a big part of that, and one, Clive Burton, just doesn’t get the thanks from all of us punters that he deserves. He is the man, who week after week makes sure that there is a superb bunch of musicians coming to Hedsor (for very little money, I am the first to recognise that) and giving us world class, live, modern jazz. So well done Clive.

Secondly I would like to highlight the ladies who provided all that lovely food. The plates omission was that crack between organisers I’m afraid, but the grub itself was excellent. Thank you too to all the willing volunteers, who are always there to help. They put out the chairs, and clear up afterwards as well. But I would like to mention in my dispatch Mr and Mrs Weinblatt, do take a medal. Their help has always been offered first, and every time.

I don’t want to go through the list of musicians who played last night. I did that on the program notes. They all did an admirable job. The quality is so high, that those of us who go to The Hedsor Social Club on a regular Thursday night basis tend to take it all for granted. We see them on their good nights and sometimes on their not so good nights as well. We all have those (well I do). The guys and girl who performed for us last night have all been to Hedsor before on a “normal” Thursday night. They are great players, so next time you see them, tell them how much you appreciate what they do. If we didn’t love such a minority music, they would all be household names.

Simon Spillett is of course becoming a household name. I just want to quote one email received after the event last night (yes I do mean it was sent last night!) Simon Spillett is SO SO good on those ballads. I bought the cd...” Jazz Rising Star and CD of the year. At Hedsor!! We don’t know how lucky we are to have access to such a quality bunch of players.

So, did we achieve our objectives?

As I wrote to one well-wisher yesterday before the event I ponder my objectives for the concert. Yes, raising money would be good, but to give joy to those paying to listen, probably more important.”

Well, I think we achieved that.

The Money for Cancer Research UK, this year will be just over £510, so we did that as well. Well done everyone.

Next week, at Hedsor you can thank another supporter. Jan Burton celebrates a Zero end birthday with us next Thursday, It will be the “Regular” band, with, I think, only Martin missing (welcome back Mike Jeffries! He has hardly been away!!). Jan has promised more food!!

We are really becoming a big family, isn’t that nice?


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