Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Martin Hart in action at Our Cancer Research Fundraiser, with Stuart Henderson and Simon Spillett
A "Fine" CD from the my Tina May Collection

Hi Folks,

As an almost last act before I disappear for my holiday leading up to the Swanage Jazz Festival (which will be followed by my holiday after the festival in recovery mode), I must mention 2 things.

Thursdays, even without me, jazz carries on at Hedsor, so do refer to the previously published list of who is coming.

Secondly, our regular drummer Martin Hart is appearing in another Jazz Concert to be held at the Oakwood Centre in Woodley.

The details are:-
Date - Saturday 4th July
Time - 7.45pm
Place - Oakwood Centre, Headley Road, Woodley, Berkshire
All tickets £10.00
Available from: - 0118 969 0827

Featuring -Tina May backed by the Martin Hart Trio.

For me, this is very distressing, as I would like to be there but will be away.


Please don't let this local jazz venture fail through lack of support during these financially difficult times.

I really don't know how the bankers can survive. Me, I've been practicing on a pension for years!! BUT, its called a State Pension!! And it isn't a reality game show either, I cannot get back to my regular £100,000 a year income after the show!!

Oh well, never mind. Its a good job I'm a jazz fan, and not a football fan, or I wouldn't be able to afford the entry charge, which as you know for Hedsor is only £5!!


The next post will be in late July. Keep live jazz alive whilst I, away!

Geoff C

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