Friday, August 14, 2009

Last night, I made a couple of mistakes!

Mistake number one. I tell you all to get to Hedsor early, and I get there slightly later than usual (for me!), to find the usual seats full!!!

Mistake number two, I didn’t take my camera! If I had, then I could show everyone how full it was for our debut session for Debbie Wilson, and how blonde a blonde she really is!

Debbie was accompanied by one of our regular famous friends, Simon Spillett, (who, I think, knows Debbie better than we do!) on tenor sax, and despite PA gremlins in the first half the entire evening had a real wow factor. Debbie sang a lot of songs usually referred to as from “The Great American Songbook”, including one made famous by Louis Armstrong (“We Have All the Time in The World”). Debbie’s voice is deepish, but thankfully, better ranged than Louis!

So, it was a delight to have her with us for an evening. There were a number of new faces in the audience, and I think they are now aware of how good a night at The Hedsor Social Club can be.

Another noteworthy point was teaming Simon and Debbie together has enhanced Simons ballad playing. He, (and for that matter Clive Burton on Trombone), played some wonderful ballad choruses last night.

Which only goes to show that “If I could be with you (one hour tonight)” could prove very beneficial to everyone!

Before leaving the subject of Debbie and Simon, do take a look and listen to

Next week we also have another of our favourite guest artists, saxophonist Peter Cook. I know Clive announced that it would be the “usual band” with Mike Wills (no bad thing anyway), but Peter Cook is coming as I mentioned in my last posting.

So, if last night was your first experience of Jazz at Hedsor, don’t make it your last, do come next week (Thursday 20th).

As an afterthought, if we regularly get 40 people coming in on a Thursday, we will address the space issue, and we will be able to add a third guest member to the front line on a more regular basis. It is only with an audience that we can keep live jazz alive.

Finally may I wish Debbie Wilson a great tour of the South. Yorkshire knows it is a lucky place!

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