Friday, November 20, 2009

John Coverdale at Hedsor this year

I'm soon off for a trip North for a few days. So, I thought I should pass on to all you real fans of jazz, that at Hedsor Jazz NEXT WEEK (November 26th) we have two very special guests.

Joining our regular drummer Martin Hart, returning regular pianist (back from France) Zane Cronje, depping bass player,(but no stranger to Hedsor) John Monney, we have guitarist John Coverdale, and saxophonist Mark Aston. Both have played for us before, and it looks like being a super evening of improvised jazz. for a clip of Mark playing "Misty"

Clive and Mike Wills are continuing with their community service. But we wish Ken Rankine a speedy get well, as he goes into hospital to have his damaged hip replaced.

Don't forget, jazz needs an audience if it is to continue as a living art and entertainment form. That is down to YOU.

See you next week.


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