Friday, December 18, 2009

The Hedsor Jazz Christmas Party 2009

Sitting at home on Thursday afternoon, with snow descending outside, I obviously started worrying (yes, I am a worrier!) about that nights Hedsor Jazz Party.

OK, we had done well on ticket pre sales, and I knew I could get to Hedsor, but I was really concerned that those who made the effort to come would not be met by a small audience and half an orchestra.

Well, you all did us proud, and I need not have worried. Yes, a few did decide that a cosy home was better than the risk of a snow laden journey, or worse, not getting home again due to the blizzard conditions. But people with tickets kept coming in. And people without tickets kept coming in, buying them at the door. So, my Mafeking was relieved.

Then, as start time began to creep up on us, concern over the guest musicians began to nor at me. They weren’t there! That dammed snow again. But there again, one, then two more, and finally, all the way from Tufnell Park, Al Nicholls completed the ensemble.

It was a terrific evening. The weather was terrible, and the music terrific. The mix and match of all the musicians kept everyone more than happy.
The food at half time was delicious, and the raffle, well, “too much”!!

Some of last nights photos are above, and I will post another batch soon.

Can I thank all of you for turning out,especially The Audience, many of whom are stalwart supporters of Jazz at Hedsor.

Thanks too to The Musicians, again, all of whom have been supporting our little club with dedication for many ears now.

Thank you too for those who supplied the smashing spread of food at half time and finally thank you for all those who turned out early and set the scene.

A special thanks is also due to someone who does a lot for our little club, but does it behind the scenes. Margaret Goodyer always manages to persuade some part of the local press to carry a story about us, and she has also often hot footed it around the area with posters and nagging handbills, just keeping our profile in the public eye. Thanks a bunch Margaret.

Hedsor Jazz is unique. Our regular weekly meetings in the small bar have encouraged some extremely talented musicians to come and play jazz for us over the years. They ain't monkeys, but honestly, we do only pay them peanuts! They don’t come for the money, they come for the atmosphere that YOU all provide.

Don’t let it stop. Our sessions start again on January 7th 2010. Century Jazz did an album called, “Into the Next Century”. The Clive Burton Quintet, musical successors to Century Jazz, are taking you into the next Decade. Be part of it.

In the meantime, have a great Christmas time.

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