Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First of all, Happy New Year to you all.

Sadly, the weather has taken a consistent "turn for the worst". And as I tap away on my PC, the snow, which if you recall set in on our Christmas Party Night, is still flaking it down.

I have had a discussion with our leader, trombone maestro Clive Burton, and we have decided to make life a little less difficult for everyone.

Hedsor Jazz tomorrow night, January 7th, has been CANCELLED.

We think it would be unfair on musicians and fans alike to expect you to turn out for what, in essence, is an unessential journey.

So, please tell others you know who may not read this message that Hedsor Jazz has been cancelled for the 7th January due to this white stuff that insist on making life slippery.

So plug in the Hi Fi, select your favorite tracks, pour the scotch, enjoy, and stay warm.

I really do hope that we can reconvene Jazz at Hedsor on Thursday 14th.

Until then, warm drinks, hot jazz CD's and slippers seem like a great way of life.