Friday, May 14, 2010


I think I can safely say that you voted with your feet last night. I can also safely say that the Jazz Party has been re elected!

The X Factor of Vasilis Xenopoulos and Michael L. Roberts was a real and tangible force. The whole evening swung, the atmosphere was warm and friendly (something that is normal for Hedsor Jazz), and we all made some new friends.

Thanks are due to all who helped with the evening, setting up, clearing up, counting the money, etc, etc. Also a special thanks is due to our guest pianist last night, Malcolm Cliff. All in all it was a terrific night of great jazz.

If you were one of the newcomers, please don't make it your last visit. We are just as friendly when we meet in the smaller bar.

Next week (May 20th) we have a couple of special guests to go with our regular rhythm section. Zane returns from his birthday outing, and Clive and Mike Wills are away doing their Community Service. In their place we have saxophonist Peter Cook, and guitarist John Coverdale. They need no introduction to those who have been before, it will be great to welcome them back to Hedsor again.

If last night was your first at Hedsor Jazz we would love to welcome you again soon, so why not keep on supporting The Jazz Party, a coalition of incredibly talented jazz musicians. You would be helping in keeping Live Jazz Alive

CD Reviews later this week.


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