Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things Jazz

First of all, congratulations to Michael Eagleton, who on Tuesday celebrated 35 years of live jazz gigs with the Marlow Jazz Club. He did this at a super gig with Alan Barnes and Bruce Adams showing everyone what top musicians they really are. A great time was had by all. Well done Michael.

Secondly a short reminder that on Thursday, at our regular venue (the Hedsor Social Club), at the regular time (8.30pm) we have super modern jazz from our regular band (the Clive Burton Quintet). I haven't yet received any sick notes from any of our band of "boys", so why not turn out and enjoy another fine evening of jazz and jokes. Our regular entry fee (£5) applies!

One final "notice". This Saturday on Cookham Moor there will be the annual Cookham Fair run by the local scout group. Stalls, refreshments, beer, burgers and a variety of music will abound. In the afternoon, for the first time in about a dozen years, some of that music will be provided by the fabulous Shirtlifters!!

One sad note re the Shirts, I learnt last week that John Slater, their trumpet star, recently lost his wife after a battle with cancer. Having lost a son and a brother to cancer, I know I can lead YOUR commiserations and sympathy at his sad loss.

So, dont forget to put into your diary The Marlow Jazz Festival day, October 23rd. ALL OF THE PROFIT FROM THIS EVENT IS GOING TO CANCER RESEARCH UK.

I'll see you there then!

Geoff C

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