Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Thursday Reminder

Hedsor Jazz has had some wonderful sessions in the last few months. Last weeks was no exception. It looked so exciting, that even though I was still suffering from the remnant of my lung infection, I had to go. What a reward. Simon Spillett’s playing goes from strength to strength, and combining him with our regular Clive Burton Quintet gave a real demonstration of improvised jazz.

That, in itself, would have satisfied everyone there. But there was more to come!! Half way through the first set, Simon announced that we had been listening to Tubby Hayes very own saxophone! Yes, the very one that I had seen Tubby play in 1973, just before his sad departure from the playing scene! Now, is that a scoop for Hedsor Jazz, or not?

Perhaps of less historical impact, but Zane Cronje was also playing a new instrument. He used his new Roland keyboard for the first time last Thursday as well! And I hadn’t taken my mini disk recorder!!

So, what is left for us all to look forward to? Well, children go back to school soon, for some, a welcome relief!

But with more immediate impact for those with an enthusiasm for jazz, TONIGHT at Hedsor, we have non other than legendary trumpet player Paul Eshelby. Paul is a big band trumpet player with a fine pedigree. He has played for a variety of big band leaders and composers including Billy May and Johnny Dankworth, and for 17 years has played in the BBC Big Band.

For just £5 you can come TONIGHT to The Hedsor Social Club, and hear him for yourself, partnered by Clive Burton on Trombone, and with our regular guys in the rhythm section! I know, I have to pinch myself sometimes, can all this be happening in The Hedsor Social Club. Well, it IS!

Recent CD Listens

We are currently being reminded that it is the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, and for some of us, a level of nostalgia rules at the moment. I came across an excellent release by the Pasadena Roof Orchestra with the Swing Sisters. Entitled “Take Me Back”, and there are 14 songs that will!! A great selection of 40’s songs, expertly played and sung in period style, it’s on the Emporia label, number EMPRCD 627. Well worth searching out, even if only (and it isn’t only for) “When I Take My Sugar to Tea”!

Next on the spinner, another excellent recording from Arbors Jazz. Warren Vache and John Aldred are top notch brass players (trumpet and trombone) who usually stay in a mainstream cum Dixieland musical landscape. With “Top Shelf” (ARCD 19399) they stretch themselves into some more “boppy” tunes, with superb results. “Tiny Caper”, “Spontaneous Combustion”, “Whisper Not” have all been heard at Hedsor, and on many 1950’s LP’s from the likes of Benny Golson and the Adderley Brothers. Warren and John have with them on this latest release Nicki Parrott, the lady bass player who can also sing rather well, Leroy Williams on drums, and Tardo Hammer on piano. A thoroughly enjoyable experiment, combining the harmonies of the tunes, with the looser solo freedom of bop style. Excellently recorded, well worth buying, as are most of the Arbors Label offerings.

Well that’s it for now folks, see you tonight.

Geoff C

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