Saturday, February 19, 2011

Being true to my word, and also being grateful to one of the audience of the benefit concert, below is a comment by Alan Peppett on Thursdays concert. I have "lost" email addresses for Max Brittain and John Coverdale in last Decembers computer malfunction (crash!!), so will someone make sure they read it.

Alan wrote;-
Hi Geoff, Thanks for posting the photos, it was a great success last night both musically and financially. I would just like to comment on the superb pairing of messrs. Coverdale & Brittain. What a fascinating combination of skills, the music so tastefully played had me trying to hear every single note - it was that good! For me it was the highlight of the evening, the way they effortlessly changed from solos to accompaniment, in complete harmony with one another, was spellbinding, sublime even. As for the other instrumentalists, they all put in first class performances - and the finale was something else! What a rare opportunity to hear so many talented musicians in one session. A night to remember for sure and a magnanimous and uplifting gesture from all the Musos involved. Let's hope it lifted Zane's spirits to know that so many people were there last night just for his "benefit" Thanks to all the helpers, caterers and yourself for the effort involved and a wonderful night of Jazz. Good on ya! Alan.

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