Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday September 9th

A few things to up date you all about, but first, a comment.

Last nights session with Simon Spillett as our guest at Hedsor was truly world class. I don't think anywhere or any team could have bettered last nights performance. ALL the players were at the top of their game, with Simon providing new ideas and harmonies to some fairly well know modern jazz tunes. It was an occasion that someone should have recorded, and I know I didn't!

Two solo spots from Simon, both ballads (and of course it's a well known fact that he cant play ballads), some fast tunes, but they never lacked excitement, and as I said at the top, harmonies galore. That's of the cuff harmony between Clive Burton on the trombone, and Simon on tenor sax. Not pre organised, but true improvisation. Each listening to the other AND knowing the chords!

I have paid significantly more money to be bored with much less skill by some jazz musicians who are world famous. And where was all this happening? Why, The Hedsor Social Club of course, and all for just a five pound note.

The two at the front were not the only ones playing their socks off. Someone turned to me and said "That's one improved bass player". It's true. Ken Rankine has come on leaps and bounds since he gave up his day job. Nigel Fox on keyboard played some wonderful stuff too, and Martin Hart is such a talented drummer. He can also write and arrange as well. See his two CD's for the evidence.

Martin Hart in action

It was good that the room was pretty full too, and we could have made up another rhythm section from amongst the audience!

It leaves you wanting more. Thursday nights really are the beginning of the weekend (well they are once the raffle is over!). So next week there will be more. From two guys who weren't there last night. Our guest next week (that community service is getting in the way again, lucky Reading) is one of the best bop trumpet players around, Stuart Henderson. He will be playing alongside our regular man of reeds, Mike Wills.

Which leads me on to a couple of other plugs. Our guest list for October 27 th's Octoberfest is growing. Simon Spillett put his name down for it last night. Stuart Henderson has already signed up, and Tracey Mendham will bring her tenor, voice and personality to the evening as well. The regular Clive Burton Quintet will be at the heart of the show, and more musicians, fans of what we do at Hedsor, will be coming to support the event as well. This time the gala night is to raise funds for Hedsor Jazz itself. We are determined to keep live jazz alive in our unique jazz venue, despite the trying times we live in. We also want to keep it as reasonably priced as we can. You may remember that originally we didn't charge for entry. Tickets for our Octoberfest gala evening are now available from Me on a Thursday, or from The Stationery Depot in Cookham (01628 531178).

Stuart Henderson

One final thing. Now is the time to vote for your favourite jazz musicians. Follow the link

and you can make your favourite jazz musicians dream come true!

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