Thursday, April 26, 2012

OK, so this weeks blog is late again. There are events to publicise, and encouragements to make, but this week has been a sad one.

One of my friends had to have a funeral. She was not a regular at Hedsor, but she did love traditional jazz. And she loved dance. Sadly, for the past 2 years she could barely walk, let alone dance, and she died suddenly after an operation that removed one of her legs. 

So before I continue with my exhortations to come out and play, let me share with you all a poem she wrote, and that was on the funeral order of service.

Freedom to me is Dance
Expression of body, mind and soul,
In everchanging
Combinations of movements
Flowing unceasingly.
Earthbound in time and space
I seek through line and curve
Inner thoughts unfurl,
In visible motion.
Restricted, yet free
I dance
Within the sphere of eternity.

Celia Johnson 1938-2012

Tonight at Hedsor we have the Clive Burton Quintet, with one variation! On bass tonight we have Steve Pickings in place of our regular Ken (Rankine).

Coming soon on May 17th we have a very special event indeed. In the big room, on 17 chairs, we have the Remix Jazz Orchestra, led by trumpeter Stuart Henderson. Not only that, which should be enough to draw you out for an 8pm start anyway, but guesting with the orchestra will be the UK’s top tenor man Simon Spillett. And it may well be that he will bring with him two arrangements for the Tubby Hayes Big Band that he will perform with the Remix Orchestra on the night.

Rumour has it that in addition to this we will have Simon playing for part of the evening with our regular Clive Burton Quintet. A light supper (OK a very light supper, if I am lucky twiglets!) will also be provided to sustain you to the 11 pm end. And all of this for just £10, yes just Ten Pounds!

Tickets will be available from tonight at Hedsor via Dee, our lovely lady of the till, and from next week from our usual box office, The Stationery Depot in Cookham (01628 531178). Bring your friends.

Another piece of news. For all of you who hold a degree in Facebook, we have a new collaboration for you to be involved in.

The full Facebook page name is Jazz In Wycombe, Maidenhead and South Bucks. and you can use this link:

to go straight to it. Tell your friends, and together we can increase the fan base at many local jazz events.

That’s about it for now folks. Those of you who get nagged as well as blogged will also have a poster about May 17th to help us publicise this event.


Geoff C

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