Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In the next 2 Thursdays we have exciting prospects for lovers of the saxophone, especially jazz saxophone!

This week, Thursday September 27th , alongside Clive and the Quartet at The Hedsor Social Club, we have Kelvin Christiane. There is much to say about this superb saxophonist, but rather than reiterate, I suggest you go to his web site, http://www.kcmusic.co.uk where you can hear him in action. Needles to say that when you do you will want to come to Hedsor this week (why have you not been the last few weeks?) and hear him “live” in the Hedsor bar, our regular Jazz meeting point. Usual price £6, usual start time for the music of 8.30 pm. Bar opens before 7 pm these days.

Then next Thursday October 4th we have a VERY special jazz evening, one of our Big Room events! Simon Spillett is NO stranger to us, but this time he is coming with his regular quartet. Jazz royalty! John Critchinson on keyboard, Alec Dankworth on bass and Clark Tracey on drums. This is a ticketed event, and the price is £10 including a light buffet. The music starts at 8.30 pm as usual. Tell your friends, bring your mum, it will be worth your while! AND it might help US to recover the costs!!

To help promote this event Michael Eagleton of Marlow Jazz has very kindly invited me on to his Sunday Evening Marlow FM program to talk about it and to play some of Simons tracks, (and some of my favourites too). The program starts at 9pm.

This week via CD I have been listening to 2 other saxophonists. Incidentally one also has an association with Simon.

“Ben Webster – Stan Tracey, Soho Nights Vol 1” was recorded on to ¼” tape “live” in 1968 at Ronnie’s Frith Street Club and was only released in 2008. That must have been something to do with the official secrets act, because it is a recording of a great event, complete with announcements from Mr Scott himself. Stan Tracey was (always) on piano, Dave Green bass and Tony Crombie drums. Simon Spilletts sleeve notes add to your enjoyment, but the music is special. Two versions of “Londonderry Air”, and one of  “Come Sunday”, ten tunes in all. Ben may have been slipping past his best, his intake of Scotch is legendary, but his ballad playing is to die for. Go and find this CD on RESTEAMED  RSJ 106. Someone in the company obviously has a sense of humour RSJ in my parlance means Rolled Steel Joist!

My other CD goes back to a decade earlier than the Ben Webster. It also features a saxophonist in a lot of trouble. In January 1957 Art Pepper joined the Rhythm Section of the Miles Davis Quintet to record “Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section”. He was deeply addicted to Heroin, hadn’t played for a while (he had been in prison), but turned up to play a session organised by his wife, which has become legendary. I was prompted to dig out a 2010 reissue, as Alan Barnes had played a tribute to Art Pepper set at Swanage. It makes an interesting comparison. All the tracks are worth more than one listen, even when Art had the nerve to call one of his compositions ”Straight Life”! You can hear it on Original Jazz Classics Remasters 0888072319929 which could be a telephone number or 3. The original LP number was S7332!! Never mind, that’s progress.

See you at Hedsor, don’t forget to come, or Jazz will die!

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