Monday, October 08, 2012

“I’ve looked at life from both sides now”

Well, today I am looking both backwards and forwards anyway!

First, last Thursdays Hedsor Big Night.

The Simon Spillett Quartet. What fantastic musicianship! Breathtaking, and as one irregular patron, who has been coming occasionally for a number of years, said “It was fan-blooming-tastic”. If you were there, I doubt you will forget it. You may not have enjoyed all of the evening, some of the music was a little self indulgent (OK, I invited them!), and one “new friend” who had come from Hillingdon said that “they are obviously improvising all the stuff they play, which is amazing, but do they ever play any tunes?”

The same very nice man commented that he needed his sat nav to find Hedsor, “because it was down lots of windy lanes and in the dark”. I told him “that’s because its country!”

 John Critchinson

 Clark Tracey

 Alec Dankworth

Having said all of the above, the standard of musical ability was outstanding. Bass solo’s? He could have had a complete tune all to himself. And so could the drummer. I am of course referring to Alec Dankworth and Clark Tracey. John Critchinson on piano was his usual enjoyable self, obviously enjoying every minute of the gig himself as well, and providing an object lesson in jazz piano. As a rhythm section they were superb.

 Simon Spillett

Simon Spillett. Well, we at Hedsor take him for granted. Some of us have watched him grow up. But we are indeed fortunate in having such a prodigious talent come to us so regularly just as a friend. 

Great chops Simon. And thank you for bringing your regular band to come and entertain us, which you all certainly did.

It was a pity that more people didn’t come and enjoyed the show. We really must try harder to let people know about the best-hidden treasure since Tutankhamen’s tomb, the jazz at Hedsor Social Club.

One new comer asked if we had just started up!! We have been in Hedsor over 11 years now. How come local people don’t know about it? We must sell our secret to MI5. Do, please tell, and bring, your friends. You owe it to them. We miss their admittance fee, but they miss some of the best, most accessible, jazz around.

So, that is looking backwards. Looking forwards to this Thursday, back in the Hedsor Club bar, we have the regular Quintet (almost). Our guest bass player this week will be John Monney, the original bass player for Century Jazz, the current bands predecessor. Start time 8.30 pm £6 entry.

John Monney

Ken Rankine, our regular bass player, is progressing well down in Portland, and is getting about on just one crutch now. He hopes to be home soon on October 19th and has in fact already played a gig in Dorset using his bass guitar! He does still need his painkiller though!

A little further into the future, our Christmas Party will be on December 20th. Put it in your diary NOW, because it will be VERY special.

CD’s, yes, I have listened to a few this week, but I will write about them separately, but definitely in time for you to buy them in for your Yuletide gifts!

PS. Not my best go at photography ever, but on the night I didn't want to disturb too much by using flash! The one of John Monney comes from his Facebook page!!

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