Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good Morning jazz fans.

A fairly brief blog today. After last weeks mammoth blog and mammoth event, this week we return to a more normal weekly jazz Thursday at Hedsor.

Mike Wills is still facing a long run of railings, and so in his place this week we have one of our regular helpers, John Coverdale on guitar, to keep Clive company. John is an excellent guitarist who has played in a number of styles on a number of stages over the years. A subtle note player and harmoniser and an occasional addition to the rhythm section, those who have heard him before will look forward to his appearance. For those who haven’t heard him before, let me welcome you to The Hedsor Social Club this week. Usual start time and charges apply.

OK, Last Week!

If any of you have heard the Lionel Hampton LP “Newport Uproar” you will recognise my “WOW! That hasn’t happened since….”.

Exactly, it hasn’t happened before. We were FULL. And what a night you all gave me to remember my 75th birthday and 54th wedding anniversary by. No matter where you go in the future to hear jazz, you will not hear better, more exciting jazz than you did (if you were there) last Thursday. Without exception all of the musicians played there socks off.

So lets say some thank you’s. Thank you to Clive Burton, who has come and played trombone for us, and told us jokes (OK some of the are the same jokes) for over 12 year at Hedsor. It would not be there without him, and he has stayed by us through some pretty thick and thin. Thank you too for Ken Rankine and Martin Hart, who have played bass and drums for us for most of the same period of time. Thank you too for Nigel Fox, who has taken over our piano chair on most occasions since Zane passed away, and in my view has grown in stature since coming to us.

Then thank you too for our wonderful guest players on the night. Singer Gill Cook, who I am sure was imitating another blond singer doing a version of Happy Birthday for a certain President, didn’t she do well. To Vasilis Xenopoulos on alto and tenor saxophones, doesn’t he know how to play!! And finally to Nigel Price for some really formidable guitar work. He even apologised for being late having been held up for 2 hours on the M25!

But not really finally, because some very hard work was done by Helen and Michael Weinblatt setting (and upsetting? i.e. clearing up) the tables. All those who did food for us. Dee who “manned” the door, and was kept a lot busier than ever before taking your money and generally directing the traffic. There were others, lets not forget the bar staff. This sort of event doesnt just happen, it takes human effort to achieve. So Thank You to all who played there part. Thank you too for all your kind thoughts for my birthday and our anniversary expressed through cards and gifts

 Gill Cook and Clive
 Some of the Audience
 Nigel Price
 Vasilis Xenopoulos
 One Note Samba
 Martin Hart

Can we do it all again? Well probably, but possibly not for a birthday of mine! Our next Big Event will be our Christmas Party on December 19th and with Tina May coming, this will defiantly be a ticket only event. You have shown from last Thursdays turn out that you cannot assume any more that you can always buy a ticket at the door! We will sell tickets to regular attendees of Hedsor Jazz, and we will also sell some via a box office, but entry for that event will only be by ticket!

See you on Thursday


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