Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Good Morning Jazz Fans

Autumn is developing and the summer sun has retreated, and it will be no good singing "Rain rain go away, come again another day"!

But there are some really nice things to look forward to. Hedsor jazz being just one. This Thursday we have our Regular Clive Burton Quintet, Mike Wills will be returning after taking extreme measures last week to hide from Tracey Mendham! It is always a surprise to hear the big sound from her tenor saxophone. Maybe her singing is more exuberant than admirable though!

Tracey's very good CD

She was another motorist caught up in the M25 last week. It took her 4 hours to get to Hedsor, and she played the entire evening on the energy of a cheese roll! Eventually sustenance was provided with one of my renowned omelettes at around midnight, whereupon she again departed to darkest Essex. Many lesser mortals would have rung in and said,"Sorry, wont be able to get there"!

Last week we would still have had a saxophonist though, because we had an unexpected guest sitting in which made the evening even more enjoyable. Alto player Len McCarthy was a very pleasant surprise, sounding a bit like Bruce Turner until you realised that he was really sounding like the guy Bruce studied under, Lee Konitz. Great fun was had by all (well maybe Clive found the evening a bit too eventful, he was heard to say, "it is only one night"!).

This week might be more predictable. Some of the tunes from the Keith Vitty days may well get played, and I will bring with me again some of he remaining copies of the Norden Farm CD, we did sell one last week. Having followed the band through more than 12 years I tend to forget that not everyone has a copy of the Norden Farm Concert already.

The famous Norden Farm Concert

One final item for this blog. I do have now tickets for the Christmas Party on December 19th. As you may recall our star guest this year is that lovely singer Tina May. Yes, she is my favourite, I have been known to extol her singing on FM Radio. The TV program "Airport" uses her "Come Fly With Me" as its signature tune! We are limiting ticket sales to just 85, and I very much want them to go to our regulars first. They are £10 each and it will be first come first served. I will only advertise this event outside of our club when I am satisfied you have got yours!

One of Tina's many CD's

Well that's it for now. Don't forget to tell people about my blog, and about Hedsor Jazz. Emails are still going astray, so word of mouth may become more reliable!

See you Thursday.


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