Thursday, February 26, 2015

Better Late than Never

But better never late! 

Oh well, almost on time!!

Tonight at Hedsor we have the Clive Burton Quintet, with a welcome return of our regular saxophonist Mike Wills, whom we all think of as one L of a player!! He is back recovering from another bout of railing painting, one of the drawbacks of being a saxophonist living in Oxford!! It is such a fine community!

In place of our regular drummer, Martin Hart, who is saving himself for his CD launch next week, we have our regular deputy drummer, Mike Jeffries.

Next week, March 5th, we do of course have the launch party of Martin's latest CD, "The Away Road". See poster from the last blog.

It promises to be both a special and a splendid night. All of the musicians taking part have played at some time or another at Hedsor, so having the launch party at The Hedsor Social Club is a no brainer. I have now heard the CD, and I will let you know my thoughts on it before next week. The Clive Burton Quintet haven't recorded under their own name in a studio for a long time, but the core of the Septet tracks are The Clive Burton Quintet. On that basis alone I hope you will all rush out and buy a copy.

In anticipation of more time in order for me to get my review of it down in words, below is a "view" of the case.

Those with good eyesight may spot why we think Mr Wills is on L of a player.

See you tonight for more Clive Burton Quintet!

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