Tuesday, March 31, 2015


With our regular piano player Nigel Fox still on his holidays it will be a delight to have back with us (as last week!) Ken McCarthy as his replacement. We are fortunate indeed to have 2 such fine piano players who are keen to come and play for us at Hedsor Jazz.

I don’t always get a lot of advance notice for some of our star guests, but I do have it for one, who is coming on a very significant day in May.

And one May has had him arrange music and accompaniment for her as well!

Now there are 3 May’s here!! The date in May is the 7th.

In my electoral area one of the candidates is Teresa May MP, who came and gave out the raffle prizes at one of our Cancer Research fundraising concerts a few years ago!!

So, that’s 2 May’s for our general election night!!

The third is May, who has also been with us in the past is Tina May, and it is she whom our guest for election night wrote scores for.

Our guest is American saxophonist Frank Griffith.
 Frank Griffith (right) with Duncan Lamont (centre) and John Pearce

The CD for which Frank wrote the arrangements is Tina May’s “My Kinda Love” (HEP CD2101) and on the cover of said CD is another link to Hedsor Social Club!! The CD features some of the music of Duncan Lamont!! So if ever supporters should go and buy a CD it is this one. All three musicians have played Hedsor Jazz at some time in the not too distant past! AND it is well worth buying too. One of the songs featured on this album is Lamont’s “Manhattan in the Rain”! I can strongly recommend the album.

So, when you have voted for the candidate of your choice, come and vote for the music of all our choices, Modern Jazz, with Frank Griffith and The Clive Burton Quintet. Put it in your diary NOW.

Another CD recently added to my collection has people on it who have (sadly) never been to the Hedsor Social Club!! “Humphrey Lyttelton in Canada” on the Sackville label (3033) has some 1980’s Humph in fine form, with saxophonist Jim Galloway, guitarist Ed Bickert, Neil Swainson on bass and Terry Clarke on drums. Most of the tunes will be familour to Humph fans, all having been featured at some time on earlier recordings by the H.L Band! It’s a terrific addition to the catalogue!!

It’s wonderful to be able to have vibrant jazz to play at home, but it is better to listen to vibrant LIVE jazz! So do come and join us at the Hedsor Social Club. You know it makes sense!! 

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