Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Hedsor Jazz and Holidays!

Mostly Hedsor Jazz caries on every week of the year. We cope with holidays, (well, one has to, especially me!!) and when one of our gallant band of regular musicians does disappear for a week or two, we usually take the opportunity of booking another "name", very often someone we have wanted to listen to for a while, to take that persons place. THIS WEEK, we do have the full compliment of The Clive Burton Quintet, and therefore no need for you to worry about quality, you know it will be great!!

However, on Thursday July 16th, there will be NO JAZZ AT ALL at Hedsor. This is due to the club having a long standing booking for the hall.

Many people don't realize the quality that is available locally and what they have been missing. In September we are running a Jazz Festival in the wonderful facility that is St Piran's School, Maidenhead, in order to make Hedsor Jazz more widely known. I am pleased to inform you that they have now got a very good link for you to order your tickets via there web site, so do take a look at the schools facilities, our poster, and our ticket order page. Go to 


Our tab is now at the top of the list.

Yes, I myself am still in Dorset, preparing for the rigors of the Swanage Jazz Festival. But I have taken some time out to visit one vintage and steam fair at a place called Chickeral, as well as other local jazz events. 

I will round out my blog by leaving you with a few images from this show. Well, it makes the blog look pretty doesn't it. That is a retorical question, and does not require a reply!!

Postscript! The "small" drummer in a folk group was 

a) very good, 
b) just 8 years old. I asked his mother how long he had been playing, and he had started at age 2!! He gets 1/2 a week tuition!!


Geoff C in Dorset

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