Thursday, October 08, 2015

Another Week...

has gone by, how did I ever find time to go to work? 

So many things seem to have happened this week, including sadly the death of a friend, and another of a relative too. Both had lived to ripe old age, but again, one is saddened by loosing someone from ones circle of friends.

Then there was a car to get MOT'd and serviced, and finding I needed a new exhaust for that car. Getting it all sorted out and fitting all that in with a trip to the dentist, a starving blood test AND a trip to the optician's has brought us round again to THURSDAY. So here is a late blog!!Again!!

Tonight I am delighted to say that at Hedsor we have as a guest pianist Ken McCarthy. Always a delight to listen to, this week with I think the "standard" Clive Burton Quintet. However over the next few weeks this will change!!

Next week (October 15th) we have that delightful young man, and a lovely sounding saxophonist, Robert Goodhew with us. He is also, I might add, a very good photographer!! Below are two shots he took at the St Piran's jazz day.

 Mike Wills and Ken McCarthy
Alan Grahame

Robert will be in place of Mike Wills who is going abroad for about a month!!

So,in Mike's absence we have a succession of visiting saxophonists. The week after Robert on October 22nd we have Simon Spillett. It is really very good to have him back to Hedsor Jazz before he has a second stint at Ronnie Scott's (Sunday November 1st). It is a strange and wonderful thing about jazz, you can talk to the stars of our jazz world face to face, and hear them play acoustically, not over a vast PA system with a huge screen!

Our final guest this month, who has been complaining that she hasn't been to us enough this year, is Tracey Mendham! A lovely lady with a huge big tenor tone, she comes to help celebrate Halloween (well it's our nearest Thursday!) on October 29th.

I always think she looks very fetching with her pointed hat and flying stick!

So a month of delights. Tell your friends about Hedsor Jazz, we need your company, and theirs!!

CD Listened to this week

Whilst browsing a charity shop in Marlow (Upmarket charity shops there!!) I came across a Stacey Kent CD! One that I didn't already have in my collection.

"Let Yourself Go, Celebrating Fred Astaire" is a true delight. We know all the tunes, many of us have seen all the players before too. But the combination is a celebration  of all that is good about jazz. Good tunes, good singing, and excellent playing from her husband Jim Tomlinson, accompanied by Colin Oxley on guitar, David Newton on piano, Simon Thorpe on bass and Steve Brown on drums. It was recorded in 1999, is on the Candid label as CCD 79764 and is well worth seeking out. 

But you wont get it for what I was asked to pay for it, just 25 pence!!

OK, Hedsor will cost you a minimum of £6 to get in, but I bet Ken McCarthy will let you speak to him!!

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