Tuesday, June 21, 2016

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We have an additional guest this week in the person of vibraphone player Alan Grahame. Alan is a remarkably talented and greatly experienced player, appearing many times on TV AND backing almost every singer worthy of note. You might like to check out the following link from BBC Berkshire

In addition to Alan we also have as our deputy keyboard player this week, another man who has had plenty of experience with singers (as an accompanist of course!), Ken McCarthy. You may like to check this out from the link

With this combination of players, combined with our regular Mike Wills, Ken Rankine, Martin Hart and of course our revered leader Clive Burton on the trombone, I have suggested that Mike brings along his clarinet, so expect a little bit of Benny Goodman Quartet style of music this week.

The Benny Goodman Set from the St. Piran's Jazz Day last year
One person who will probably be missing from our jazz evening, (as she was last week), Dee, our collector of revenue, has been taken ill, and may still be in the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. 

I sure you would all like to wish her well and to get better soon.

Next week, June 30th, we retain Ken McCarthy for a second set, but this time Mike Wills is being replaced by that beautifully toned saxophonist Robert Goodhew

So, this week come and celebrate at least the end of referendum campaigning, not that we have heard the last of it no matter what the in/out result is, and next week come along just to celebrate the sounds of jazz!!

In the meantime, you could always click out the above links!!

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