Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This Week  at Hedsor Jazz

Despite the hot weather, Hedsor Jazz is still cool!!

And this week will be with almost the regular band.

Ken Rankine is still poorly, and we have back with us again John Monney on bass. John was the original bass player with Keith Vitty’s Century Jazz, which morphed into The Clive Burton Quintet.

The story is a bit complicated. Originally the Clive Burton Quintet was formed just before Keith died, and did not play in the same venues as Century Jazz. It’s first gig was in Hedsor’s Garibaldi pub (Century Jazz Played the Fifield Inn, and The Cookham Tavern).

The personnel were not the same, and for a while the only difference between the two bands was the rhythm section. Clive’s Band always had Martin Hart as the drummer (Keith Vitty was Century Jazz’s drummer), and Clive’s original keyboard player was the late Zane Cronje (Century Jazz had Roger Munns). Bass was Ken Rankine. After Keiths death in 2002 Martin was the drummer for both bands, but upon our establishment in Hedsor , the name (and therefore the personnel of the band) became The Clive Burton Quintet. However, the bands repertoire (book!) has been the same, and in its present regular form the band has been playing at The Hedsor Social Club for over 5 years. In all Clive Burton’s Quintet has been playing every Thursday in Hedsor for 14 years. SO, it is good to see one of Keith Vitty’s band (John Monney) back with Clive again this week, as he was last!!

One of the Variations of the Band!!

Keith Vitty
Zane Cronje
And we have a future!! On August 11th we celebrate again MY survival! And to help me do so both musically and outrageously, we had both Tracey Mendham coming, and Alan Grahame too. See the poster. Please advertise this event as widely as possible, it would be good to see some of the original fans back with us again. Like most parties, there will be some food, but no bag of goodies for you to take home!

Advance Advertising.

On September 17th Cores End Church is promoting a jazz concert with Singer Sarah Moule as the star guest. See the artwork below.

Cores End Church is in Hawkes Hill, Bourne End, Bucks, SL8 5HZ

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