Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Only a few words of blog from me this week.

I am still basically house bound, with the prospect of another hospital visit to be looked forward to (yes, I do mean looked forward to, as a resolution of my current problems would be very welcome)!
I gather that last Thursdays evening with Al Nicholls was a big success. One of the nurses who dealt with me last Thursday in A&E knew of “Blue Harlem” a band that Al runs! It’s a small world, as she was also involved in Motor Car Racing (another activity I used to be involved with).
As mentioned a few blogs ago, our Christmas Special this year is on December 22nd. I am delighted to announce that we will have a very special guest with us for this party. Trombonist Roy Williams, ex Alex Welsh, Ex Humphrey Lyttelton is coming to keep Clive Company. A few other surprise guest may well also appear, so do please ensure you put this date in your diary NOW so that you don’t forget to come!

By now, you will be aware that we have had to increase our usual weekly entry fee. Hedsor Jazz is available to you now for the still very manageable sum of £7.

Roy Williams at Swanage this year
OK, keep the live jazz flag flying whilst I’m away.
Geoff C

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