Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Further Info:-

I had a chat on the phone with Clive late yesterday and he is very hopeful that both he and Mike Wills WILL be at Hedsor on Thursday. He confirmed that he has got a form of lymphoma, and occasionally this will make him suddenly tired (OK at 78 I know that one too!), and if that happens then Clive wont be able to get to Hedsor. However, he was feeling fine yesterday!

A piece of additional news is that Mike Jeffries has organised a band to play at the Bourne End Community Centre on Tuesday 7th February. He has Ken McCarthy with him on keyboard, and I'm sure there will be others who are known to us from Hedsor helping out as well. Actual lineup is to be confirmed, but I'm sure a fun evening will be had.

Mike Jeffries in Action

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