Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The blog this week is slightly truncated, 

my main objective is to get you to look, and then print and PUBLISH a summery of what we have coming up in the next few weeks. 

I have produced a poster, reproduced below, which you can print by downloading a PDF file from my DropBox account. 

Please do this, and persuade all your friends, family and neighbours to make the Hedsor Social Club jazz night on THURSDAYS, their regular residence!!

The link to the PDF file is

Those of you who have keen eyesight will see that we have internationally renowned saxophonist and author Simon Spillett coming this week. We hope to have Clive alongside him, and we hope to have Clive's PA system with us as well. In order to take the strain off of Clive, Jazz Angels is in process of purchasing our own PA system for all our musicians to use at Hedsor. 

The Jazz Angels Logo

For those of you who don't know, Jazz Angels is a support group for jazz in and around South Bucks, mainly for Hedsor Jazz, but the fund has supported other local jazz events in the past. If you would like to be associated with this support do contact it's treasurer Mr John Dutton.

Clive with Vasilis and Nigel at a Cookham Festival some years ago
It was really good to see Clive playing last week and feeling reasonably well too. He has only just started on his Chemo treatment, but already his goitre has shrunk in a manner that Clive himself has called a miracle. 

Do come and support Live Jazz, and its continuance with such quality at 
Hedsor Jazz

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