Wednesday, June 27, 2018


As mentioned in a recent blog there is a jazz event (and cake) at Christ Church, Marlow on Sunday afternoon. After the cake we were expecting to see Oxford Classic Jazz ,which has Mike Wills in it. Sadly they have had to cancel due to illness (not Mike fortunately). In their place Martin has achieved the great combination of Martin Litton on piano and David Hornibow in clarinet.

Martin Ashford who organises the jazz at Christ Church has emailed me the following (after he had shared the bad news):-

The good news is that I now have Martin Litton and David Horniblow (ex Chris Barber band) playing.  I'm no expert, as you know, but that feels a bit like discovering you have Harry Kane waiting on the subs bench...  And of course the gig still features the fabulous Danzon Duo.  So this should be a memorable afternoon!
On the downside, advance bookings are distinctly slow.  To the extent that you can, please keep passing the word!

So, I am doing what he has requested and am passing the word.

The afternoon starts at 3.30 pm, and the entry price is £10 including tea and cake.

If you would like to reserve a ticket, please contact Martin Ashford:-

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