Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Hedsor Jazz

Hedsor Jazz, like most of us, is preparing for Christmas. BUT like most of us, although busy and preoccupied with “what the h*** do I get for h** and will what I have already ordered get to me on time", we are still looking forward to, and have planned for, more excellent jazz music. Not just for our Christmas party on December 20th (tickets are now available) but for this Thursday too.

Below I have put in our gig list, now complete up to the end of January. I have also added in the address of where the jazz takes place, something the last printing of the flyer missed off. NOW you can take and place our flyer anywhere and people will be able to find us! Thank you Gil for finding out the hard way that we were very shy about where we enjoyed the music!

Last week was another of those exceptional gigs where the sum of the parts far exceeded the individuals playing them! Al Nicholls had only played with Lester Brown once before, but last week they really played like a pair who were on the same page all the time. I will reproduce just one of the comments I had by email next day—

I just have to say how much I enjoyed the jazz last evening, it was exceptionally good and the performers played out of their skins - well almost! The interplay between Al Nicholls and Lester Brown was sublime, one might even say magical!

I know most of you there agreed. Really we have had some great music this past year. Thank you to all who help to make it happen. No, no names, but we have to advertise, sell tickets, man (?) the till, run the sound, put up the lights, book the players, produce food etc etc. Oh, and yes, there is a bar as well!

And last week we had unexpected food. I did a double take as I went in, seeing food on the table and thinking “have I been asleep for a fortnight? Is it December 20th already!!” No, Dee treated us to celebrate some sort of birthday!! Yet another thank you. It was really enjoyable.

Photos from Last Week

So, I wonder what this week will bring.

The music will be provided by Sue Greenway on tenor sax, Alan Grahame on vibraphone, Ken McCarthy on keyboard, Steve Riddle on bass and Mike Jeffries on drums.

The ability to keep the music alive will be provided by YOU.

For those looking to buy a CD for a loved one (or yourself) for Christmas, but don’t want “Your Best Christmas Tunes” again, why not try Tony Bennett and Diana Krall “Our Love is Here to Stay”. It sounds like an unlikely duo, but really they work well together despite the large difference in ages. They are both good singers, and the accompaniment by the Bill Charlap Trio excellent. The only down side is it is only of 36 minutes duration, but that was about what we were used to in the old days of LP’s. Mind you, those days are coming back, and I think you can buy this album in LP as well as CD format.

If you cant get to buy your ticket from Dee this week for Our Christmas Party ( and I need a sick note if you cant!), then you can do a Lonnie Donegan and Buy Your Ticket at The Station(ery) Depot on the Cookham Line!

TTFN, and enjoy your Christmas Shopping!

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