Tuesday, November 26, 2019

It is now late afternoon on Tuesday, and I always try and write the blog before Wednesday, as it can then be picked up by London Jazz News. It is late today as I have just travelled back from Ipswich, and with accidents on the A12 and road works and wall to wall lorries on the M25, it took a long time!

BUT I am here now to remind you of this weeks Hedsor Jazz event, to show you the photos from last weeks, and to try and persuade you to by a ticket for our Christmas Jazz Party.

Coming to us this week, from the U.S of A, (via Liverpool) is saxophonist and arranger Frank Griffith. Frank does usually bring with him a few arrangements he hopes our men will play, and he also brings another book of….jokes!  They are well rehearsed, and you will know when to laugh! 

As you might gather from my flippancy, not only is he a great character, he is a great tenor player, and has been a good friend to Hedsor Jazz over many years. With him will be trumpeter Lester Brown. Last time Frank came he was able to bring trombonist Roy Williams, but sadly as many of you know, Roy has suffered a stroke, and is unlikely to be able to play again for a while. On Keyboard this week we have “our Nigel”, and on bass Terry Davis. 

Thinking of Nigel, last night I eat in an excellent old pub near Woodbridge called “The Fox Inn” at a place (which is accessed down a one track lane) called Newbourne. I would highly recommend it if you ever that way. Great food and very reasonable prices.

OK so I have whetted your appetite for food and this weeks Hedsor Jazz, now time to look back on last week with Al Nicholls and Simon Wyld, with Ken McCarthy on keyboard. 

Tuneful, well played and with for me some outstanding playing from the bass player of the evening, Peter Hughes. Another great Hedsor night out.

Best polished shoes seen at Hedsor!

Still to come (and before the general election), on 5th December (yes, that is next week, and not long to go before you all need to get  your Christmas shopping done) we have that very talented trumpet player (and wordsmith) Ian Smith! He will have with him saxophonist Ollie Wilby, with Ken McCarthy back on keyboard and Terry Davis on bass.

Picture from their last visit

I have in the previous couple of paragraphs omitted to name the drummer. It will of course be our leader, Martin Hart!

Party Poster below.  

No NOT an election poster but one for our Christmas party!

Tickets are now on sale at Hedsor on a Thursday and at the Stationery Depot during the week. Please buy a ticket, it helps us to cater knowing roughly how many crisp to put out! 

At only £10 each the tickets are a bargain, Black Friday or not!

Play the riff, it my tea time!

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