Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A Tuesday Blog, but still no Hedsor Jazz to look forward too,

although we are still looking at the possibilities again this week, and we are also looking at the government “guidelines”!! Which have changed ever so slightly since last week!

In an exercise in indecisiveness (albeit with good reason) I thought I would lead you all this week to those actual government words for the return of the performing arts!

DO, yes, I do mean do and I do mean YOU, go and read:-

And, to be fair, you must read a bit before and some after.

You may then realise the problems we face which will also include the problem of persuading our audience to have enough confidence in the measures taken to ensure their safely such that they feel they would like to come out.

Going out to be sociable has stopped being a norm. We have practiced for months now the “stay safe stay home” mantra, and it will be difficult for people to break.

Our Jazz Angels will look at it all again in the next few days, and I will report back from “The Hedsor Social Club”!

From a personal perspective, I have only ventured out socially once since March. My outing today was to Heatherwood Hospital for a chest X Ray. Last week I was there for a “procedure”. Last week I was driven (as you can't drive back after an anesthetic) and today I drove there on a slight variation of the route. OK, the trees looked very similar!

Also this week I have got as far as a Post Office, the nearest visit to a shop since March!

BUT I have had a few new CD’s delivered by my favourite journalist. 

One CD I want to draw to your attention this week.

The ACT label is German, but does produce some European jazz CD’s that always rouse my interest. “Kadri Voorland in Duo with Mihkel Malpand”, (yes, that is the title!), features a lady singer (Kadri) from Estonia. She does however sing in perfect English on most of the tracks (perfect Estonian on 2!), and most of the songs are written by her. I found the approach and the voice captivating. You can check her out via

There are a number of songs on YouTube from the album, and this one is the first. I really enjoyed the bitter cynicism of “I’m Not In Love”. 

The booklet that comes as part of the album reproduces all the lyrics she has written, and I’ll reproduce those for this song below.

I'm in love with the roses you brought

I'm not in love with you

I'm in love with the car you bought

I'm not in love with you

I'm in love with the breakfast we made

I'm not In love with you

I'm in love with the poems you made

I'm not in love with you
I'm in love with the plans for our wedding day and in love with the babies we'll make
but Not with you

DO try out her CD and the YouTube tracks , but I will play “Kadri Voorland ........” again.

Even IF she is not in love with me!!

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