Thursday, February 22, 2007

Above is the artwork for one of Frank Griffith's Albums

OK, the Nag. is a bit late, and it will be short, as 2 of my grandchildren have been on half term!!


At The Hedsor Social Club (perhaps we should now call it "The Famous Hedsor Social Club"!) with Clive Burton and the quartet we have that wonderful and swinging tenor saxophonist Al Nicholls.
£3 to get in, raffle to get out! Gig starts at 8.30pm

I will point out at this juncture, that the bar the music is played in is now a NO SMOKING area. At the moment, smoking is still allowed in the other bar.

Sunday, at The Fifield, a tenor player I personally don't know, Brian Thompson. Its a free gig, funded by a raffle, starts at 8pm, and good quality food is available.

At Hedsor next Thursday, March 1st American saxophonist, currently living in the UK, Frank Griffith will be our guest. Check out the website for more info about him and the work he has done, BUT don't miss out on a live set by staying away!

Sunday 4th March at Fifield will be that lovely trumpet player Pete Towndrow.


this week has been slightly truncated, but I have spent some time remastering some old reel to reel tapes of 1960's BBC Jazz Club Broadcasts. It has proved to me (again), that we did have some wonderful talent around, much underrated by ourselves. This is still a truism!! Do go out and listen to the live stuff, because it will be the stuff nostalgia is made of!!

TTFN, See you tonight,

Geoff C

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