Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another week, another missed visit (by me) to Mike Wills, well I did warn people. I said comet, but in fact it was snow!! Never mind, I hope to see him, and pass on all the good will messages to him TODAY, but, well, you never know!

Local gigs:-

Hedsor, on Thursday, our guest will be SIMON SPILLETT, so do make sure you turn out, you are bound to enjoy it, and make friends, and perhaps make someone happy! (even yourself).

As we are privileged to know from Simons regular visits to us, he is a rising star of the British Jazz Scene, and in my view, still an improving player. Yes, I know he has amazing technical command of the tenor sax, but he is now hearing, and playing with, other great British jazz musicians, and you can hear it in his playing. Its an 8.30 start at Hedsor, £3 to get in, but we do expect you to buy a raffle ticket for one of the amazing prizes on offer every week.

Whilst still at Hedsor, advance notice that I have been asked to organise a few extra gigs at the Hedsor club. So, on the last Monday of March (26th) I shall be starting an evening series involving the Jazz Guitar, featuring different players month by month. The first one will feature James Fenn, with Lisa Amato on bass, and, to quote her own words

"Hello Mr JazzSuspect,Thanks for the poster - very eye-catching and colourful. I'll have to change the wording though, as it now transpires that O'Hig can't make it. Why he wants to earn a fortune on the session scene is beyond me, but he now owes me a favour, so I'm sure we'll be able to drag him down at some point. However, the infinitely less famous bass holder shall be there and we have drafted in another bebop hotshot, so should be good."

O'Hig referred to was Dave O'Higgins, who had initially offered his support for the opening night.
I shall be charging £5 to get in, NO RAFFLE, so do come along. All the money processed on the door will pay the band, the more that come, the more they get!!

At Fifield on Sunday, almost in competition, we have guitarist Max Britain, 8pm start, free entry, raffle funded.

My April Monday guitar gig by the way will be led by London based Tim Saunders "with friends."

For those of you who like to mark their diaries up in advance, Thursday 22nd at Hedsor the guest will be saxophonist Al Nicholls.

Recorded Jazz

Continuing really with my guitar theme, I've listened to a very soothing CD by the virtuoso guitarist Antonio Forcione. Its a very simple album, only 2 players, and when I tell you that the other one is bassist Charlie Haden, you will realise that its a quality album, and great for late night Hi Fi listening. Its on the NAIM label, and some of you will know that name(!) from some very classy Hi Fi products. The recording quality is superb! To quote from the PR blurb "Heartplay (the name of the album) is a (!) unprocessed analogue recording, in which the sound of the instruments is allowed to shine without any hindrance from the procedure". I will say that yes, that is true, but also say as well that it's great music that is shining through .Its NAIM CD098.

My other recommendation this week is from another lady singer. Yes, I know some of you don't like them, but some of us don't like flutes, and its hard to say that they don't get played a lot in our music too. Anyway, this young lady singer IS young. All of 15! So with someone so young, and, perforce, inexperienced in both life and music, how can it be any good. Read on McB..

She comes from Scotland does Daisy Chute, and has been singing for over a year with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland. Her voice is clear and clean, and she conveys the emotion of each song appropriately for its content. She seems to be pitch perfect too. She is accompanied by David Patrick on piano, Adam Sorenson drums, and Andy Sharkey on bass. Its not just that she sings one of my favourites (Lazy Afternoon), but a lot of other songs that you will recognise, but that haven't been over sung!! I am absolutely sure that she is a great British talent in the ascendancy. Her album "Daisy Chute Simply Jazz" is on the Twisted Lips label TLCD001. Try http://www.twiddi.co.uk/ for a copy.

Well that's it for now folks, see the CD covers on my blog page


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