Thursday, May 24, 2007

I just thought I would take this opportunity of reminding you all, as I will be absent with leave for a few days, of all the things I will miss during my awayness!

TONIGHT at The Hedsor Social Club, with Clive Burton and his sober men, saxophonist Pete Davis.

Sunday at Fifield the guest will be guitarist Max Britain

Thursday 31st May at Hedsor, the guest is saxophonist John Rolls.

On Sunday 3rd June, the guest at Fifield will be trumpet star Pete Towndrow.

I shall be returning to listen with you to guitarist Peter O'Brian, at Hedsor with the quartet on Thursday June 7th. Someone I'm particularly glad not to be missing. He now has more work than ever before, and if you haven't heard him at one of our gigs (or at a concert a couple of years ago) then turn out, or live with your regret!! He is VERY good.

I have actually had time to listen to a couple of CD's this week.

On Columbia Jazz, "Benny Goodman 1939 - 1951" is a compilation of very good tracks that span the different musicians he has had around him. The original quartet, Lionel Hampton, Teddy Wilson, Gene Kroupa, to the recreated group of the 50's, which had Mel Powel on piano, Red Norvo on vibes, and Dave Tough on Drums. It includes tracks from the early big band of 1939, and also a later band (that the sleeve notes say is unknown), from 1951. All in all a good compilation if you want to have a small comparative selection, and not a boxed set!! Columbia SMM5096232

Another enjoyable (but more modern) album is "Heartplay" by just Charlie Haden on bass and Antonio Forcione on guitar. Stunningly recorded, it just show what two superb musicians can do on their own. That's right, it is just the two of them.Naim CD098

Lastly, and not strictly jazz, a friend has given me a copy of "A Decade of Steely Dan". a modern "soft rock" "group" that I always enjoyed. The highlight for me is a vocal less track lasting 2 minutes 50 seconds. They do a stunning version of Duke Ellington's "East St. Louis Toodle-oo"

As usual, the artwork will be on the blog, but for now, goodbye.

Geoff C

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