Tuesday, June 05, 2007

NOT the house I was staying in!

Guitarist Peter O'Brian "in concert"

All that Jazz from Geoff, back again after a week in tropical Gloucestershire (well the rain was tropical!).

And briefly to remind you of two Jazz gigs, connected by a guitar.

Firstly comes our regular weekly meeting at The Hedsor Social Club, and this weeks guest alongside trombone maestro Clive Burton, is a wonderful guitarist whom we haven't had the privilege of hearing for some time. Peter O'Brian earns his living from the world of rock guitar, but he is a supreme exponent of jazz guitar as well, and we featured him as our guest at a concert some 3 years ago. He has been very busy, and we are really lucky to get him back to play for us this week. Don't miss it, he really is very, very, good. A year or so ago, at Hedsor he played alongside Simon Spillett. Neither had come across the other before, and I remember Simon saying that he had "played with many guitarists who thought they were Eric Clapton, well, this man really could be!!" So, that's THIS THURSDAY 7th June (D DAY plus One) at 8.30 pm. Usual restrictions apply, pay at the door to get in (£3) buy a raffle ticket to get out.

The other guitarist we are looking forward to listening to at Hedsor is Chris Flegg. He hasn't been seen at Hedsor before, but will be there as part of my little series on the different aspects of the jazz guitar. Chris himself can play a number of those aspects all by himself. I was most impressed with him alongside some of the Gypsy Jazz fraternity from Club Django at the Cookham Festival's jazz concert, and he will be with us on June 18th from 8.30pm. With him will be the familiar face of Ken Rankine. Ken, as we all know, plays an upright bass, but in the past he has played the electric sort, and in a boy pop band too. Ask him about it. He was often on the "Radio" when it was called that! Entry fee for this extravaganza is £5, with all of the take going to the musicians, so do come along and give them your support. Its an intimate room, the bar at Hedsor, and ideal for this small group, almost chamber, form of jazz.

Sunday this week I shall probably be back in Glouctershire, but back at Fifield will be saxophonist John Rolls. Free entry, but please buy some raffle tickets.

Coming back to us at Hedsor on September 17th as part of my guitar jazz adventure, will be James Fenn, with the same group of musicians who thrilled all who came to see them on my first jazz guitar night. These are Vasilis Xenopoulis on saxophones, a really outstanding young player with a MMus from Berklee College of Music in California, Chris Nickolls on drums, and Lisa Amato on bass guitar. Don't miss it, they were jaw droppingly good last time, and they hadn't played together before!! This will be the second time, do come and persuade them that they need to make it a regular band.

Whilst on all things Hedsor, Jeff, the barman does sometimes prepare some filled bread rolls for consumption. If you think you could use one or more on any given jazz night, it might be a good idea to let him know in advance (tel:01628 521921).

I haven't listened to any new commercial recordings this past week, but I have heard 2 that James Fenn has been involved in. First was the one he sold on his first guitar night gig with us, doing some of the music he performed with Vasilis X. Its called "The Bureau of Missing Persons", and includes Lisa on bass, and David O'Higgins in place of said Xenopoulis. Do come and ask him for a copy in September.

The other CD, was definitely a non commercial venture. Recorded before an audience, therefore live!! in May 2006, its a kind of updated trad ramble, that the leader of the ensemble, saxophonist and singer Johhny Boston, called an Evening Odyssey. The cast does include Alan Barnes, so it isn't too traditional, but it is fun, and if you plead with James, he may copy one for you. It will of course come in a plain brown envelope to protect the innocent.

That is it from me for now. I have rambled, and I've gambled, but I'm sure it will be the whiskey that cuts me down!

Geoff C


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