Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another of Geoff’s Gentle Reminders

To let you all know that Max Britain is our guest at Hedsor tonight, alongside intrepid mariner (and trombone player) Clive Burton and his landlubber friends. As usual proceedings start at 8.30pm; we will ask £3 of you to get in and probably a raffle ticket purchase for you to get out.

Sunday at Fifield the guest will be Pete Towndrow on trumpet and flugelhorn.

BBC Rising Star, Simon Spillett

A little advanced warning for all you modern jazz sax fans, on August 2nd we have BBC Rising Star award winner Simon Spillett with us at Hedsor, and on August 8th at The Thame Snooker Hall Peter King will be playing. See the attached file for more info.
"Wed 8th August 07 Concert Jazz Presents – The Peter King Trio – Concert Jazz Club, - Excellent Venue and BarsSt Andrews Court,Wellington St.
Thame, OX9 3WTUK World Class Sax Supremo - Featuring:-Peter - Alto Saxophone - Keith Michael - Drums Nick Kacal - Bass." For even more detailed info go to :-
I think it would be dangerous to my health to attend any jazz on that night, as it will be my 48th wedding anniversary!!

And as I know the rain is wetting all bar your musical appetites, on August 23rd, that wonderful young Greek saxophonist Vasilis Xenopoulis is joining Clive’s team at Hedsor for an evenings.

I hope to see many of you there tonight, remember that the Hedsor Road is only accessible from the Cliveden side, diversion signs are in place, but careful navigation is still required. The River by the way hasn’t yet burst its banks, so you should be able to get there without any trouble.


Geoff Cronin

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