Thursday, July 19, 2007

What you can do with a broken building
Alan BArnes and Dave Newton
Anita Wardell
Susan Valliant Spear
Bruce Adams
Carol Sudhalter and Greg Abate
Our Very Own Mike Wills!
Andy Coopers Top Eight
A Rather Dejected Looking Carol Sudhalter
The Budapest Ragtime Band
Colin Oxley and Lennart Anderson
Zoe Schwarz
The Parade
The 2007 Swanage Jazz Festival

I intend to write 2 blog bits about the Swanage Jazz Festival, but this first one is really there to get the pictures up. I will write my appreciation of the music at a later time. But for now (as Lynn Garner will sing), I hope you enjoy the photos. Due to some quirk of the blog software, although they are nearly in time order, the oldest ones are at the bottom!!


Geoff C

Who must add to this initial revue my congratulations to Simon Spillet, who over the weekend gained the 2007 BBC Jazz Awards Rising Star award. Well done! At least the BBC got that right!

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