Thursday, October 11, 2007

I have JUST HAD the following in a text from Lisa Amato.

All I can say is, turn out, it should be marvelous!!

Geoff C

Hi Geoff,

Re Monday 15th

Thanks for the poster. You'll be pleased to know that Vassilis Xenopoulos will turn up this time - he's promised to stay in a local hotel the night before and I've threatened him with leg-irons. Either way, we will have the pleasure of his blowing this time round (and slightly lower blood pressure for me, hopefully).November 19th is Dave O'Higgins - he confirmed it yesterday. So two London heavyweights coming to darkest Bucks; I can't wait (although your momentary change of it to Tuesday caused a bit of minor confusion here!).

Lisa A

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Martin said...

I'm a bit confused Geoff.
I would like to go to the gig with Vassilis, James and Lisa, but I can only find references to 17th September in your blogspot

Please confirm it's on Monday 15th October at 8.30 at Hedsor Social club. [in Bourne End?]

If so, see you there.