Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If you read this from the email nag, you will see that I have attached the program for December. If you can print it out (best from the PDF file) and give it to someone not on our email list whom you think would be interested it would help us "spread the word" about our local jazz events. Please read it yourself, put the dates in your diary, and do everyone a favour, and come out to some of the best live music in the Bucks and Berks area. I wont waste the space by repeating what's on this week, you can read it from the attachments

I have done some CD listening this week too.

The first is a knockout CD, in more than one sense. Many of you know that I get CD's in to recycle, and sometimes, they don't get new owners. From time to time, I go through the boxes of orphaned CD's and have a listen to those that are left behind ( I can hear your tears already)! Harry Connick jr isn't everyone's idea of a great jazz singer, and some of you can only remember him as a member of the crew of Memphis Belle (in the film!). He does originate from New Orleans and when you see an album titled "Chanson du Vieux Carre" with a lot of trad tunes on it like Panama, Petite Fleur and That's a Plenty, you think it will be, perhaps, not to your task. YOU WOULD BE WRONG. Its a terrific big band album that sounds like Stan Kenton meets Dr John. The musicianship is breathtaking, and the recording will definitely try (out) your Hi Fi. Go and buy it and make yourself happy Marsalis Music 0874946000628. I'm sure they make those CD Numbers that long as a punishment and as an excuse for getting you in the latest Mrs Mills album by mistake!

Another new release (Yes, the Connick album was released this year), is much closer to home. We have probably all seen Alan Barnes at some time or another (especially those who go to the annual Swanage Jazz Festival), and many of you will have seen trumpet virtuoso Bruce Adams. A few will even have seen them both on the same stage. So for those who have happy memories of that last on that list, and for those of you who have missed them altogether (where have you been?), "Spontaneous Combustion" is especially for you. Not just high notes, not just lots of notes, but wonderfully controlled playing that will leave you with a silly grin on your face when you've played it. S C is a tune by Cannonball Adderly, as is the closing track"Cannonball". In between are 8 other tracks that show just how well British musicians can play. Oh there is also one of those Hercule Poirot Frenchmen (A Belgian!), playing piano as well. Very well in fact! His name is Pascal Michaux. Go out and order it, its on Alan's own Woodville label, so you can be assured that you will be feeding his children with its purchase. It came to me without a cover, so I don't have a (telephone) number for it at all!!

Cover art on the blog (is anyone still on dial up?). I'll write again after my trip to Kings Lynn to see The Humph Band!!


Geoff C

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