Monday, November 12, 2007

Just a short reminder that we have guitarist Max Brittain with us at Hedsor on Thursday (15th November).
For those who don't know anything about Max, he studied guitar at Leeds College of Music and has appeared at all the worlds major concert venues. He has played with such divers people as Georgie Fame, Terry Lightfoot and Charlie Byrd.

We also have a special rhythm section for the event. All our regular band, together with Clive, are playing at a better paid gig this week, but we have put together something rather special:-

On Keyboard will be Jeff Clark
On Drums will be Malcome Potter,
and on bass "hop along" Ken Rankine! Yes, Ken will be doing a full stint for us, complete with Zimmer frame.

Something else rather special is happening at Hedsor next MONDAY (19th November).

We have Dave O'Higgins coming to play his tenor sax for us with James Fenn, Lisa Amato, with another guest drummer (who will it be I wonder?).

All in all an amazing night in prospect, whether its the Thursday or the Monday, at Hedsor, the social club next to the Garden Centre! Both gigs start at 8.30 pm. Thursday will cost you a minimum of £3, Monday £5.

You can find out a lot more about Dave O'Higgins by looking at his website:-

Sandwiched between the two gigs above, is another chance to see our very own, and now in good repair, multi instrumentalist, Mike Wills, with Century Jazz at The Fifield Inn on Sunday night 25th November.

So, there is no reason to stay home!!

A copy of the poster for the O'Higgins event is included above, if you have access to a place to display it, perhaps you would print it off, put it up and encourage others to come, many thanks.( if you double click on the image, it will be shown larger than in the blog, wherupon, you can copy and print!!).


Geoff C

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