Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another Repetitious Reminder Or NAG to those who know!

At the Hedsor Social Club this week, we are delighted to welcome back, not exactly a guest, more a member of the band, Mr Mike Wills. He will be joining with Clive and the rest of the fellows to bring you our usual entertaining, mellifluous, swinging LIVE JAZZ.
Entry will be the usual £3, raffle money will also be extracted. Start time 8.30pm
Sunday, The Fifield Inn's guest will be that wonderful guitarist Max Britain. Entry is free, hot food is available, and there WILL be a raffle to fund the band.

Two advance notices, unfortunaly for the same day. Its done to test your allegiance of course, BUT on Saturday 26th Jan, at Cookhams Pinder Hall you can take part in a Winter Ineluctability, organised and featuring the fabulous Shirtlifters. Contact Charles Benson (01628 472163) for more details, entry by ticket, so buy ticket @ £8.

BUT also on the same night, our regular drummer Martin Hart is running a concert in The Woodley Theatre featuring music from the 1971 New York Town Hall concert given by the MJQ and the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

Paul Desmond becomes Peter Cook, Alan Graham will be on vibes, Nigh Pugh will be on bass and Ken McCarthy will be on the piano. Martin of course will be on drums, and giving the chat!

Contact the theatre for your ticket.

Another advance notice, but this time not so far away, I will be running another in the series of guitar jazz recitals at Hedsor on MONDAY January 21st, with that very talented young guitarist James Fenn and his team of chosen musos. Do come, you know he always brings great players with him. Entry will be £5, we don't do a raffle, so THAT IS REALLY ALL YOU NEED TO PAY TO HAVE A FIRST RATE JAZZ NIGHT OUT!!

A notice for February, Centre Jazz will be running their first jazz night since the death of Bernard Spinks, it would be nice now to support that venture even more than ever now, and the music on that night will be led by veteran drummer Bobby Orr. That's February 5th.

Yes, there is a lot of jazz roundabout to support, and we are very lucky in it being so. It aint like it everywhere, so why not make the most of it whilst it's still there.


Geoff C

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